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The Mad Prophet is C Bryan Lavigne: writer, artist, musician and dedicated Anarcho-Syndicalist. He has written articles for YellowTimes.org, which have been reprinted all over the net. PODgallery is currently offering a small selection of his work for sale as prints.

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C. Bryan Lavigne was born in West Virginia in 1980. Although he comes from a family of musicians he was never able to learn the finer points of playing an instrument and so has struggled for years to become a mediocre guitar player and vocalist. He writes his own songs now and is currently getting an acoustic jam thing together with a couple of other guys.

He grew up in the suburbs and began experimenting with mind-altering substances very early in life. This may have been a mistake. Years of drug and alcohol use (abuse, whatever,) have created a somewhat neurotic and unbalanced personality. It might also account for his creativity, one never knows.  He is a graduate of the D.A.R.E. program (along with just about  everyone he knows, most of which are also drug users,) which just goes to show you how well that shit works.

He began drawing seriously as a teenager and moved into the digital media when he acquired a computer from a questionable source. He likes to think that he is exposing the beauty and ugliness of reality through the use of digital manipulation. The truth is that he probably just likes the pretty colors, but don't tell him that.  POD Gallery is showing his work.  The band Distal has contracted him to do an album cover (which still isn't done, but they're behind schedule on recording too, so nah!)  And when the Reverend JKKJ is putting on a show, Brayn helps out.

In addition to being an artist and a musician he is also a writer and political commentator.  He [used to be] a regular guest columnist at Yellow Times, but has not been writing columns recently for reasons unknown to the minds of men.  He is a Socialist, an Anarchist and a registered Green. It's complicated.  He is also working on several screen adaptations of his favorite books.

He has never been to college and has never taken any classes in art, music or writing. He likes to read and play chess and currently collects broken glass and Whip-It cartridges (it's a drug thing.)

"I'm no hero, I'm hated." - Bob Schneider

"Making a better world means standing up to the bastards." - Jim Hightower

"Yes sir, no sir, three fucking bags full sir.  I don't wonder anything, sir.  Me and the gang, we all agree...  We Love Big Brother." - Grant Morrison

"That [is the nature of] women: to scorn those who love them and love those who hate them." - Miguel de Cervantes (from Don Quixote, and yes, he's read it.  Yes, the whole thing!)

"Whatever separates people breeds hate." - Jim Haught

"When spiders unite they can tie down a lion." - Unknown

"War is the health of the state." - Randolf Bourne

"As long as there is a lower class, I am in it.  As long as there is a criminal element, I am of it.  As long as there is a soul in prison, I am not free!" - Eugene Victor Debs

"I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is Just." - Thomas Jefferson

"Tyranny is tyranny, let it come from whom it may." - Emma Goldman

"Verily, poor as we are in Democracy, how can we give of it to the world?  A Democracy conceived in the military servitude of the masses, in their economic enslavement, and nurtured in their tears and blood is not Democracy at all, it is Despotism." - Emma Goldman again


(Note: this bio is in the third person.  Duh.  I adapted it from my standard artist bio is why.  I'm not like a weird ego maniac that talks about himself in the third person or anything.  "Bryan Mad!  Bryan no like!"  Nah, I'm of the opinion that bio's should be in the third person, which is how most artist bio's are, even when written by the artist him/her self.)