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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Okay, One More.

I'm going to change the title of this blog to "The Bart Is Stupid Blog," cause this is getting ridiculous. What's he done this time? Well, he's completely changed his position without giving so much as a hint that he ever held a different one. He's becoming the liberal Rush.

In regards to the Pat Tillman Special Edition of Bartcop, a reader wrote in with the same point I made about German soldiers dying for their country being heroes too -- under Bart's logic anyway. Here's the exchange:

Reader -- Tillman was stupid and so are you Bart.
He is no more a hero than any German that was stupid
enough to run down and join the SS to kill Jews after
Poland supposedly and falsely attacked Germany.

Bartcop -- Dude, spell it out.
Are you saying anyone who fights for their land is a sap?
If your answer is yes, send your address right away

It's irrelevant here what the reader meant; what matters is what Bart said just a few days ago, echoed several times through the Tillman Edition:
When a man dies for his country he is a hero

See what Bart's done? He stated explicitly that anyone who dies for their country is a hero -- and made it clear over and over again that this is why Tillman was a hero -- but when someone called him on it he acted like he never said it and simply asked the reader if he was saying all people who die for their country are saps!

He's using the fact that Tillman "died for his country" to justify calling him a hero and then he refutes his own position by saying later that not every person who dies for his country is a hero. What a fucking moron.

Bartcop sucks. I mean, it's really fucking sad when someone like me whups your ass three times in one day. I'm just a little nobody out here in blogistan. How can anyone take him seriously?

Bart's Being Stupid Again.

I'm not going to send a letter about it to Bart, but this:
When [the Taliban] refused to give up bin Laden after 9-11, they invited war, which, is different than declaring war, but after those towers fell there was no doubt. When the Taliban said, "We won't give him up," they invited war...

is just fucking ignorant. It's not just stupid, it's rewriting history. The Taliban didn't refuse point blank to give up Bin Laden, they refused to give him up without proof of his culpability. Now, whether or not they would have still refused if we had offered proof we'll never know because we started bombing a mere weeks later! We didn't wait for any kind of negotiation. We didn't persue any kind of diplomatic route. We didn't even try to press charges in the international legal system. Cause we're the Yoo-Ess-Ay!!!

The bottom line is that Bin Laden was only a suspect at the time. And you're a goddamn fascist imperialist fuckhead just like Bush if you think every other nation on earth has to bow to the will of the United States for no other reason than "we're the Yoo-Ess-Ay!!!"

Now, whether or not you think the Taliban would have given him up upon recieving proof (I myself don't think they would have) doesn't matter -- it is our duty as a supossedly moral and civilized people to TRY. By not even trying to avoid war we are showing ourselves to be the exact opposite of what we purport to be. We are not Just & Righteous -- we are barbarous. We are murderous. We are spiteful and vengeful and uncivilized. We are bullies rather than heroes.

I wouldn't expect the US to give away anyone in it's borders on the mere say-so of another country either, and I feel sure Bart wouldn't either. But these things have to go both ways or the only thing that matters is who has the biggest guns -- and that's not the way the world should work.

And "when those towers fell..." is a cheap fucking ploy used by the BFEE fascists and Right-Wing propogandists to justify EVERYTHING they do; Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, the War in Iraq, Torture, Camp X-Ray. Bart should be ashamed of himself for using these kinds of tactics (which I've noticed he's been doing a lot lately.)

Another Open Letter To Bartcop.

In response to these ridiculous statements by Bart:
I think torture is rarely justified, but if we had apprehended Mohammed Atta on September 10th, and we knew something BIG was scheduled for the next day, you'd stick with your "torture is wrong - period" principles and let 9-11 happen?

I assume you're anti-murder, most people are, but if you found yourself in Germany in 1937 and had a chance to blow up Hitler's car - would you become a murderer to save 6 to 12 million Jews and tens of thousands of Americans?

It's a sticky point that I've avoided because I see both sides. I haven't put a lot of thought into it, but "imminent" is probably the crux.

If something is going to happen "someday," that's different than something that's going to happen tomorrow. Even the Catholics let you kill for self-defense.

I wrote:

By justifying torture at all you are justifying ALL torture. What if Maher Arar's torture had produced usable information? It didn't, but maybe next time. What about at Abu Ghraid? Might some important information have been extracted from a small number of those men -- with the end result being the lives of US soldiers or contractors being saved?

Remember, we are not prescient: if Atta had been in custody prior to 9-11, there is no way anyone could know that he was planning something big or not, just as there was no way of knowing whether Arar was planning anything or not. If you use torture you have to use it in both cases because you just don't know which will be the right case. In the end, innocent people have to be tortured too.

For every case of torture that yields information there will be countless cases like Arar's and the 70-90% of detainees at Abu Ghraib. It's because you can be wrong in your initial assumptions that torture MUST BE RULED OUT BY A MORAL PEOPLE. Being right one time in a hundred or even 99 times out of a hundred cannot justify it, because you can always be wrong about the person from the start. What you want is for the torturers to never make a mistake, which is impossible because they are merely human.

And as for Hitler: you are assuming that if you killed Hitler prior to WW2 that none of it would have happened and that's just ridiculous. Hitler was not the only person involved in the rise of Nazi Germany! Duh. The rise of Nazi Germany was an extremely complex situation with many and diverse causes.

To make my point, imagine that Dubya had been taken out prior to the Iraq war, would that have stopped the war or would Cheney and Rummy and Co. have stepped up and kept going with their plans?

Peace and Good Health,
C Bryan Lavigne

And I remembered to spellcheck this time!

I should've added to the end of that last paragraph: "Hell, they probably would have used it as an excuse to declare war!"

And I didn't go into the "killing Hitler (or Bush) as a baby" scenerio, which likewise would not have changed anything. I might explain why if you ask real, real nice like.

UPDATE! -- Not to toot my own horn here, but I just reread that and I must say: I really stomped some fucking ass with this one. I'm quite proud of meself.

And I should note that opposition to capital punishment follows the same logic as opposition to torture, in that you can't be right every time and that the times when you're wrong completely rule out it's use by a just and moral people.

UPDATE 2! -- And by the way, it wasn't 6-12 million Jews. It was around 6 million Jews and about as many from other groups including: communists, gypsies, intellectuals, gays, liberals, anarchists and other such enemies of the state. Get it right damnit.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Stupid Bigots.

Dave Gibson is mad. He's mad because gay and pro-gay students are allowed to express themselves while the poor christian minority is persecuted. And he's mad because the ACLU hasn't stepped in to help these teen martyrs. He's obviously under the impression that the ACLU is an omnipresent, omnipotent entity and the only reason they aren't involved is their loathing of good christian people.

What he fails to inform his dumb readers of, though, is that the American Family Association is already involved in the five students' case, making any involvement by an organization like the ACLU unnecessary. Maybe he was unaware of this little factoid, but I doubt it.

Mr. Gibson also thinks that christian students are the only ones who have ever had their rights violated by the American school system. The poor persecuted minority. It's all due to the "religious bigotry" of the "leftist-run public school system," see.

"As usual," he explains "the sodomites enjoy more rights than the rest of us!" Nevermind that gay students are constantly being harassed by other students and have to fight for their rights just like the rest of us. Never let facts stand in the way of good old-fashioned American hate-speech!

Personally, I agree with Mr. Dave, these little christian bigots should be able to express themselves, but that doesn't excuse making stupid arguments, exaggerating claims, omitting facts and generally acting like a retarded monkey.

I Wonder...

How are they going to blame the results of the Indian election on Al-Queda? In the Washington Post, Salman Rushdie draws a parallel between this election and the Indian election of '77:
Then as now, just about the entire commentariat was convinced that the incumbent would win; then as now, the opposition was widely written off; then as now, India's voters left the politicians and media with egg on their faces.

But doesn't that sound a lot like the Spanish election to you? It sure does to me. And the fact that Leftist, populist parties won in both cases adds to the comparison as well.

Yeah, the reasons for the political shift appear to be somewhat different, with the Indian election coming down to economics while most people seem to think the Spanish election was all and only about terrorism and Iraq (which I personally doubt very seriously.) You can't overlook the similarities though.

P.S. -- The Satanic Verses fucking rocked! Read that book.

Prosecutorial Misconduct.

If you're a Portland cop and you shoot an unarmed man for driving-while-black, don't worry, the District Attorney will get you off. Police union overjoyed, hopeful for a continuation of this policy to other areas.

The rank-and-file also expressed their optimism: "Open season on Niggers!" screamed one elated city enforcer outside the courthouse. "We're gonna have ourselves some fun now," smirked another officer.

The Klan, the Aryan Nations and the National Alliance all offered their congratulations to Portland law enforcement. The groups also gave thanks to prosecutors John Bradley and Mike Schrunk for their commitment to the cause.

[End note: I know I'm making comedy out of a serious issue here, and I apologize, but I don't think I could type one sentence about this otherwise. This makes me angrier than the Virginia hate-legislation earlier. My hands are literally shaking -- I'm having to correct typos every few words here.

Anyway, go over to Alas, a Blog to get the whole story.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Now That I'm Back.

I should remind you to read Confined Space. You won't regret it.

Phantom Job Growth.

John Crudele writes in the NY Post -- not exactly the most liberal of institutions -- that most of the jobs the Labor Department says were created in April actually weren't. Given the source, I'm willing to give this the benefit of the doubt, but I'd like to hear what a real economist has to say about it. Angry Bear, Kash? Max? Anyone else? If you please.

Legislating Hate.

The state of Virginia takes a step back in time to ban contact between same-sex individuals. Human Rights Campaign calls it "one of the most discriminatory and restrictive bills in the country."

I say that public demonstrations should be held, where people of the same gender -- gay or straight, doesn't matter -- kiss in public. The greatest weapon you have is your own body; it takes a lot of resources to lock up large numbers of people.

UPDATE! -- Hahahahaha. I misread that story. It's contract, not contact -- there's a goddamn 'R' in the fucking word! Makes more sense now, dunnit? Thanks to Michael of Musing's Musings for pointing out my glaring stupidity.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I've Got Nothing To Say At The Moment.

Nick Berg's beheading is sad.

Prisoner torture is to be expected -- that's what happens when you have a propoganda machine that makes people believe that anyone who opposes America is a terrorist animal who understands nothing but violence. How did you think they would be treated?

Ann Coulter is still a lying moron. Today she tried to say that there was an Al-Queda/Iraq link and that we did find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. It makes me want to shout "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" over and over again.

And that's about it... Not really anything to post about.

And I've got a cold. I feel like shit.