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The Mad Prophet is C Bryan Lavigne: writer, artist, musician and dedicated Anarcho-Syndicalist. He has written articles for YellowTimes.org and Open Source Politics, which can also be found in various other publications.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Taking A Break.

I've been feeling a bit off the last few days, but it's much worse today. I'm having to write every post four or five times before I publish, and if you'll look at my last two posts you'll realize how extremely bad that is. I think I'm gonna have to take the rest of the day off from writing. I'll probably be manic again by tomorrow -- it's just how my mental disease works I'm afraid.

Saving Iraq.

124 Iraqi and Iranian Shi'ites were killed in apparent mortar attacks as they gathered on one of their holy days.

Didn't anyone expect something like this to happen? Fucking incompetent bastards.

UPDATE! -- Knight Ridder says the blasts were suicide attacks and places the death toll at 143.

Haiti -- The Coup Goes On.

Rebel declares himself head of Haitian Army. It's only a matter of time before one of the murdering fucks "declares" himself President.

Looks like the US's plan to save Haiti from Democracy is almost complete.

Israeli Settlements Becoming Bigger Problem.

Construction in the illegal Israeli Settlements increased by 35% last year, proof of the Israeli government's blatant disregard for any "peace process" they happen to be involved in. Growth in the settlements far outpaced growth in Israel proper.

At the same time the US, showing it's spinelessness and cronyism, deducted a whopping $290 million dollars from the $9 billion in loan guarantees to their favorite client state. Ariel Sharon is currently laughing his ass off as he plans for the future expulsion of all Arabs between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River (okay, I'm being melodramatic, but if you think ethnic cleansing isn't even a possibility you need to wake the fuck up and take a good look at history.)

Monday, March 01, 2004

Some Good News For A Change.

Only ["only", like any is acceptable at all really -- ed.] 23 "Coalition" troops killed in February -- down considerably from previous months.

And one of my friends who's been pullin' duty in the Sunni Triangle for the last year came home the other day (we're all wondering if he'll get sent back though.)

Coalition is in parentheses, by the way, because 20 of those deaths were American. That's some fuckin' coalition, eh?

UPDATE! -- Elvis56 from the Lunaville Blog (which I keep forgetting to add to the blogroll damnit,) reminds me that the lag in "Coaliton" casualties is due in part to the fact that Iraqi security forces are bearing a larger amount of casualties now. 267 dead and 309 wounded in February by his estimation. I knew that -- really, I did. I just forgot to mention it.

Collective Punishment.

The Bush Junta hits back at San Francisco:
The Bush administration has taken its first bureaucratic poke at same-sex marriages in San Francisco, ordering administrators nationwide to reject requests for name changes on Social Security accounts based on any marriage licenses -- same-sex or opposite-sex -- recently issued by the city.


"What the president did today is both political and retaliatory,'' [SF Mayor Gavin] Newsom said. "He is now discriminating against San Franciscans gay and straight. We are consulting with the city attorney and will take immediate steps to get this directive overturned.''

Link (via Morons.org again.)

Destroying Your Precious Constitution Piece By Piece.

This time it's the "balance of power" aspect as the House of Representatives attempts to limit the power of the Supreme Court:
"Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Supreme Court shall not have jurisdiction to review, by appeal, writ of certiorari, or otherwise, any matter to the extent that relief is sought against an element of Federal, State, or local government, or against an officer of Federal, State, or local government (whether or not acting in official personal capacity), by reason of that element's or officer's acknowledgement of God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government."

Nice. Might want to write your Rep. in the House on this. You can do so easily from Working For Change.

The Anti-Rant: Being Offensive And Disgusting On Purpose.

My life will be complete if I ever get charged with obscenity. All it takes is one stray pig-fucker dropping in. Just ask Mike Diana. How can people even pretend that we have freedom of speech in this country when you can be fined, jailed, banned from being near children, barred from making art and/or numerous other punishments for "obsenity," which doesn't even have a concrete definition. The FCC are a bunch of book burning fucks. If you think I'm fucked up or outta my fucking mind now, wait another twenty or thirty years and see how I bust shit out. A couple decades of absorption is going to put a razor's edge on my fifty-pound phallic bludgeon of a mind. You better hope I die of some kind of drug overdose (not fucking likely,) or am murdered by those CIA dog-fuckers (a bit more likely) or take a dive out of a NY penthouse into a crowd of unsuspecting pedestrians (quite possible, if I ever get to NY.) Reagan bombed Nicaragua. Clinton bombed Yugoslavia. What's the difference? Star Trek is superior to Star Wars -- and we didn't have to wait twenty years for the goddamn first half just to have our expectations dashed by Jar-Jar "Fucking" Binks. No munchkins in furry suits either. TOS kinda blew though. Natch. People tell me I'm not allowed to say faggot because I'm not gay. Fuck you. I'm fighting for your fucking rights here; the least you could do is tolerate my last -- dear -- male chauvinist habits. I grew up in West Virginia for fuck's sake, where they label you as gay if you have more than one pair of shoes (two if you've got work boots.) It's a fucking miracle I'm not a god-damn Nazi Christian Fundamentalist. If it'll make you feel better you can suck my cock and then I'll be in your club. But no brown, I only ride the choco train with beautiful women when they ask nicely. Strippers usually beg. Of course, lots of them will do just about anything for a few pills and some speed anyway. John Kerry is Bill Clinton minus the charisma. Those two whores would fuck their grandmothers' bones if they thought there was a vote in it. Or even their grandfathers' bones. Probably even your grandparents' bones. I really could use that blowjob right now. I can't believe you people want Kerry as the man to take on Bush. If there is an anti-christ, Bush is it; he is, after all, trying to dominate the world through war and trickery. Rush Limbaugh is a fucking moron -- really. I fucked Ann Coulter in the ass back when she was stripping three nights a week to put herself through law school. Alan Greenspan needs to be assassinated. The Left needs to be more militant. You're gonna wish you were armed when they break in your door to drag you off to the Gulag for being "unpatriotic." I'm starting a militia. An anarchist militia. I don't wash my hands after I masturbate.

Ah, I feel better now.

Wow, I Haven't Gotten Straight A's Since Grade School.

Thanks to The Lefty Review for the great review. My ego can always use a good pumping. Now if I could only get someone to take care of the other thing I need pumped a little more often. Haha.

Sunday, February 29, 2004


Head over to Body and Soul for lots of reading on the situation in Haiti.

It amazes me that the human rights abuse that is our policy towards the refugees is not getting any play in the US. Let me make it clear for you: sending people back to Haiti is a blatant violation of international law and human rights. Why isn't this big news? Fucking media whores.

The Hate Amendment Dying Quickly.

OxBlog's tally of support and opposition finds that there are now 44 Senators (including 5 Republicans) against The Hate Amendment and still only 29 for it. I'm starting to breath a little easier.

Tom, Dick, Harry And Whoever Else Wants In.

They're at it again. One more Right-Wing Fundy asshat argues against gay marriage on the basis that it will lead to polygamy (and beastiality, cause ya know, a dog is a consenting adult capable of making it's own decision on the matter.) The only arguement he gives against polygamy -- besides that it's a "sin" and polygamists are all "sick," just like the faggots -- is that multiple spouse families would be complicated for insurerers. That's it? Because there are questions raised about benefits that will have to be answered we should deny people's right to make their own decisions? Haha, that's weak dude.

Also, there's a bit about how even if gays made up a majority of society it'd still be alright to deny them their rights... Cause they're still "sinners." Yup, these fuckers just love Democracy and shit.