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Friday, February 20, 2004

Holy Cock And Balls Batman!

This is goddamn fucking funny as hell. And it's all true. Thanks to Bunny for the tip (and thanks in turn to Rob for pointing out Bunny's blog.)

And no, that headline has nothing to do with the link, I thought it up earlier and just wanted to use it. As skippy might say, maybe I need to fire the headline writer.

The other one I thought up was "Hold my cock and balls Batman," but I maintain my belief that Batman and Robin are not gay. They're all about the mutha-fuckin' clam! Although Batman is a bit swishy.

And on a completely different subject, but not wholly unrelated: I'm thinking of selling my soul to Satan in order to spend time in Hell torturing Fundies for being false prophets and unrepentant sinners and hypocrites and other such punishable offenses. Does anyone know how I can contact the dark one, Lucifer the Morning Star? I tried sacrificing a virgin goat on an alter made of cast iron and human bone, but I don't think I got the chants quite right. Any suggestions?

And -- again -- no, I haven't gone crazy; meth just does weird things to me.

Produce Your Papers Citizen, Or Else It's The Gulag For You!

I'll probably forget before then, and it most likely won't make national headlines, but The Dudley Hiibel Case goes before the Supreme Court on March 22nd. Hiibel -- you may not be aware of this -- was jailed for "failure to cooperate" with a fascist pig who stopped him and demanded to see his ID after Hiibel broke absolutely no laws whatsoever. There's video of the incident at the link above if you're interested and a text account if you're not in the mood for AV.

This is not exactly the ideal Supreme Court to hear these kinds of cases, cock full of Right-Wing fucks as it is, but here's hoping for a good outcome.

Thanks to SpiderFarmer for the head's up.

Action Alert! -- Equal Rights Under The Law!

Via that damn foreign guy, sign the Million For Marriage Petition.

Also, check out Manish's post on his trip down to San francisco. Excerpt:
Basically, there was a crowd of about 50 people outside City Hall. The City had decided to hand out numbers to people so there was no lineup of people to get in when I got there. The crowd was simply cheering every time someone walked out of the building after getting married. People were throwing rice, some blowing bubbles, handing out wedding cake and donuts. It was a festive occasion. [...]

Read the rest, it's heart-warming.

UPDATE! -- And here's another wonderful first-hand account. I'm getting all teary-eyed. I really am. Grinning from ear to ear I am.

What The Fuck Is Wrong With People!?!?

This debate over Gay Marriage is fucking ridiculous. I'm going bonkers watching Crossfire on CNN.

Jerry Falwell can't justify his position without turning to religion. He seems oblivious to fact that the rest of us are supposed to be free from his religion as much as he is free to follow it. "Homosexuality is sin. It's unnatural. Blah Blah Blah. I'm a big fat bigot." The guy's an asshole. Giant fucking asshole. With warts.

Willie Brown -- the ex-mayor of San Fran -- sounds great until he condemns polygamy. Hey dumbass, the number of spouses is as much anyone else's business as the sexuality of said spouses. As in, none. As long as all parties are consenting adults it doesn't matter one goddamn fig how many people marry each other and how many kids they have. I, personally, hope one day to have a loving, long-term relationship with two bi-sexual women -- who the fuck are you to tell me I can't? Who are you to tell us our relationship is wrong? You're the same as Falwell.

Both sides of this debate are pissing me off.

And everywhere I turn fundies are screaming about the legality of the San Francisco marriages. Do I have to remind people again that no person has the obligation to uphold, live by or allow to exist any unjust law. In fact, I'd say we have a moral obligation to fight such laws without concern for our own life and limb if necessary. Countless struggles throughout the years rested on just this belief. Civil Rights. Abolition. Suffrage. The Labor Struggles. Our own Revolutionary War. These struggles would have been lost if people hadn't taken it upon themselves to break laws -- often at the expense of their own life, liberty or health. We owe it to them as well as ourselves to do the same if necessary.

Bah. I'm pissed off. This really pisses me off. Fucking assholes are always trying to get people to believe that their not bigots, but they are! You can't deny it.
Bigot n. -- One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

That describes these fuckers to a "T". They're bigots. B-I-G-O-T-S.

Oh, wait, that definition has a word some Righties might not understand.
Intolerant adj. -- Not tolerant, especially:
2. Opposed to the inclusion or participation of those different from oneself, especially those of a different racial, ethnic, or social background.
So stop trying to hide it. Admit it. You're a bigot. Go join the Klan you stupid fuck. I hate you (but I don't want to take away any of your rights -- that's what makes me a tolerant person.)

My Favorite British Whistleblower.

Maybe you've heard about Katherine Gun, who was charged in Britain back in November for blowing the whistle on the US's spy operations against UN officials. Via Sandwichman over at MaxSpeak comes a report from The Gaurdian that the prosecution is planning to ask the court to drop the charges against her. Here's hoping they do. This woman should get a parade -- not jail time.

Kerry/Fonda Picture Doctored.

From Newsday:
As a 20-year-old photographer documenting the country's struggle over the Vietnam War, Ken Light snapped the picture of John Kerry at a peace rally in Mineola. It captured the future senator alone at a podium, squinting into the sun.

Light did not photograph Jane Fonda on that warm June Sunday in 1971. The actress, who is reviled by many Vietnam veterans for her vocal stance against the war, did not even attend.

But when opponents of the Democratic presidential hopeful began e-mailing Light's picture to one another four days ago, it depicted Fonda standing by Kerry's side. The photo had been doctored.


You've been busted Mr. Rove!

Voting Is Not Democracy.

Just ask Bill who he voted for:
Bill gets angry at people (like me) who do not vote. Bill does not like these people. Bill does not understand how I can take my 'freedom' for granted, and not vote. Bill was right set on putting me in my place.

Bill votes by checking the coolest sounding name on the ballot.

Bill does not see anything wrong with this. Bill cannot appreciate the irony of his own hypocritical, psuedo-patriotic, malinformed politics. Let's discuss why Bill's politics should be shot in the head:

Read the Rest, it's quite a good post.

Go Read Confined Space!

Union busting by the federal government.

Cause what else is a cheap-labor conservative good for.

Bush distorts Science.

I heard on CNN today that Bush met with some economists and told them that his tax cuts were working. Hey, Smirky, the economists are supposed to tell you whether you're tax cuts are working or not. I wonder if this is how meetings with intelligence professionals went.

Insurance Companies, Republicans and tort "reform."

Passing on the costs of bad business to the victims and the consumers.


A uniter, not a divider.

Shrub has brought labor and environmentalists together in opposition to his policies. Talk about a uniting force!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

A Close Call On This One.

Fellow Anarchist and blogger David Grenier reported earlier today that a bill (PDF) proposed by Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri would make it illegal to "teach or advocate anarchy" or associate with an organization that does. Violators would be subject to 10 years in prison.

Support for government overthrow would also be outlawed. I'm sure the founding fathers are rolling in their fucking graves on that one -- they were, after all, a bunch of guys advocating the overthrow of the established government. ("...That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..." Ever hear that one Don Fuckhead?)

So. Free Speech: Gone. Free Association: Gone. Free Press: Gone. Free Assembly: Gone. Free Thought: Gone. Welcome to America.

Well, you can breath a sigh of relief: The Good Fascist Gov Carcieri has withdrawn the plan after just about everyone except the fucking retards at the Free Republic began shouting. (Which just proves once again that FReepers really are a bunch of goddamn Fascist pricks.)

This one was born dead, but it just shows to go ya that we are hovering too goddamn close to the precipice of authoritarianism and repression. It might not be so easy to stop next time. Next time it might go to the streets and the schools and the fucking prisons. Next time there may be blood. Next time people may die.

[Endnote: In case you didn't know -- Don Carcieri is a Republican.]

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Conan And Triumph The Insult Dog.

You canadians need to learn how to take a joke. There are people who beg to be made fun of by Triumph. It's a joke. IT'S FUNNY. It's light-hearted. Hell, you're lucky you're not a pop star. Lighten up. Insult us back.

And One More On Gay Marriage.

Nick at Morons.org thinks Mayor Newsom is quite a clever guy. After reading Nick's thoughts, I'd have to agree. It's either that or he's a very fortuitous fellow.

Some Quotes On Gay Marriage In San Fran.

Like I haven't talked about this enough, but I'm much more excited about this than the court decision in Mass. It just has much more potential to ignite the populace to Direct Action.

Anyway, here's some quotes from San Fran. Funniest one:
"These homosexuals think that they can waltz into the courthouse here and get a marriage license when it is illegal. We consider homosexuality in this country terrorism and the reason we consider it terrorism is it is a destruction of our future."

Church leader? Nope. Republican politician? Nah. KKK Grand Dragon. Haha.

How about this one:
"This isn't civil disobedience on the mayor's part; it's sheer, unfettered anarchy and complete disdain for the rule of law. No mayor, not even the mayor of San Francisco, has the authority to defy the laws of the state in which they reside." -- Benjamin Bull, chief counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, which is suing San Francisco for issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

First off, this isn't anarchy because there is someone with authority involved -- a leader. (An = "contrary to" and archos = "authority" -- contrary to authority, or anti-authoritarian.)

Second, and most important, no man has the obligation to uphold or live by an unjust law. Think about people dumping tea into a harbor when you accuse someone of "disdain for the rule of law." Think about a woman refusing to give up her seat on a bus when you say someone -- anyone -- does not have the right to defy the laws of any state, county, city, or country in which they reside.

Let's Get Rid Of Interracial Marriage.

Seriously, all you fucking bastard anti-gay bigots, if you really want to "save the family" like you keep saying in your single sentence attempts at propaganda then you have to start condemning interracial marriages too.

[Note to Righties: I'm going to be using what are commonly known as "facts." These may be hard for you to grasp -- but please, try. Put down the beer can and pull your head out of your ass for a few moments. Read slowly.]

Check it:

16 state bans on interracial marriage were deemed unconstitutional in 1967 by those damn liberal, nigger-loving Supreme Court Justices of the time. From 1970 to 1998 family households declined from 81 percent of US households to 69 percent. Households with children under 18 years of age fell to 49 from 56 percent. [Source]

Births to unmarried mothers went from 11 percent of births in 1970 to 25 percent in 1998. Single parent households grew from 5 to 9 percent of households (but that number doesn't take into account factors such as single parents living with family or friends.) [Source]

And so on and so forth.

Interracial Marriage obviously hurts families and reproduction. It is incontrovertible. I want to see this reflected in your articles, websites, "debates" and protest signs from this point onwards.

Giving women property rights and the vote probably has had the same sort of depressing effect on American families, so you'll have to start advocating a rollback of those advancements too. Sorry. You might want to think about bringing slavery back as well, that'll be great news for the American family.

[Endnote: Apologies to anyone who was offended by my use of the N-word. I think it was pertinent seeing as how I'm branded a "faggot" or a "fag-lover" or "[someone's] butt buddy" every time I get into an argument with one of these hateful little shits. Do you understand? If you don't -- you're probably a Republican.]

Link Of The Day.

Lot's of good content over at Alas, A Blog today. Gay marriage, feminism, abortion, anti-gay hypocrisy.

Hate Mail.

See, I'm not the only one who likes to get Hate Mail.

Fucking Bigots.

Kee-riced. Could they be a little less blatant about their hate?

I love the fact that their own bad grammar is hurting the bigots.

Something like 2,500 gay couples have married. Good for them.

I urge any other elected official with the power to do the same thing that Mayor Newsom is doing. Fight on every front! Civil Disobedience, yo.

This makes me proud to be American:
Though City Hall was scheduled to open at 10 a.m. PT Monday, City Assessor Mabel Teng said she would try to open her office earlier because of the demand.

Teng said many of the city workers who helped process the marriage licenses throughout the holiday weekend were volunteering their time.

"I am just very honored to be involved in this significant and history-making event," Teng said Monday morning. "I'm so proud to be part of it."

The Truth About Haiti.

Head on over to ZMag for an excellent article detailing Haiti's current troubles.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Special Announcement.

Marriage is love.