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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Hee Haa.

A California state judge has ruled that the Governator violated campaign finance laws in the final days of his campaign. Haha.

More On Dick & Tony.

You may remember that VP Dick "Anything For Zee Fuhrer" Cheney and Supreme Court Justice Antonin "Anything For A Friend" Scalia went hunting recently, just weeks before the Supreme Court of the United States was set to hear a case involving Mr. Cheney. Well, apparently -- to add a level of shear... patheticness... to this incident -- it was a canned hunt. Dick, Tony and Co. sat back while the hired help released "clusters of stunned, fat, tame game birds from a net." How manly.

Super Size Me: A Film of Epic Portions.

This looks like an interesting movie. Not quite as interesting as this one, but interesting just the same.

So, what happens if you eat McDonald's "healthy" and "nutritious" food for every meal for thirty days? What the fuck do you think will happen:
Neither Spurlock, 33, nor the three doctors who agreed to monitor his health during the experiment were prepared for the degree of ruin it would wreak on his body. Within days, he was vomiting up his burgers and battling with headaches and depression. And his sex drive vanished.

When Spurlock had finished, his liver, overwhelmed by saturated fats, had virtually turned to pate. "The liver test was the most shocking thing," said Dr Daryl Isaacs, who joined the team to watch over him. "It became very, very abnormal."

Spurlock put on nearly 12kg over the period and his cholesterol level leapt from a respectable 165 to 230. He told the New York Post: "I got desperately ill. My face was splotchy and I had this huge gut, which I've never had in my life ... It was amazing - and really frightening." And his girlfriend, a vegan chef? "She was completely disgusted by me," he said.

McD's does make tasty burgers, but I think once or twice a month is the limit.

News From America's Biggest Labor Union.

The Senate caved to White House pressure on the Overtime issue. Bastards. Your right to time and a half pay for work over 40 hours a week takes another blow.

Also, Bush's war on overtime hurts veterans. Just another attempt by this administration to screw this countries military personel, who they routinely praise in order to score political points.

And on a completely different topic, Harvard U. researchers find that school segregation is on the rise. Looks like the GOP's attempts to take this country back to a "simplier" time are working. Three cheers for the "greatest generation."

Well Wishes.

Everyone who makes this blog what it is (meaning me and a majority of the voices in my head) would like to wish our good friend Stradiotto well. He is suffering illness and debilitating treatment. Stop on by his place to read about it.

Get well soon good buddy.

Update & Action Alert! -- Fuck Censorship!

To date CBS has recieved 340,000 e-mails and phone calls admonishing the company's censorship of the MoveOn anti-Bush ad. Way to go ye active masses! If you haven't already, send them a letter, every one counts.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Fight Sweatshops With Your Wallet.

No Sweat Apparel is having a Winter sale to make room for its new Spring line. 15% off everything except denims. So, forget about the Blue Navy khaki's and the Hot Topic T-shirt that were made by a fifteen year old slave-girl in Indonesia and a guy in China earning 30 cents a day, and buy some 100% Union Made clothes. They got Jeans, they got T's, they got hoodies, they got sportsware, they got stuff for the kids and they even got shoes now!

Note: I get a 5% commission if you click through the above link to make a purchase. If you don't like that, well, fuck you -- but buy some clothes anyway. Here's a link minus my participant tag if you feel that strongly about my greedy profiteering.

Second Note: And hey, while we're on the subject, if you got a blog or a website, why not Join The Affiliate Program and make that 5% commission yourself? It's such a simple and easy thing to do to fight something as evil as sweatshops. No hosting of images on your server required. Cut and paste code. Warm, fuzzy feeling from being a lazy activist.

Compare The Candidates.

This is an interesting little resource. It's got one of those "find your candidate" Q & A's. More interesting though is the "compare the candidates" feature. I strongly suggest you check it out. Try comparing your favorite Dem candidate to your least favorite and then try comparing each of them to Bush. Or for a more involved exercise, select all of the candidates for comparison.

Thanks to Skippy for the fun.

Update! -- Oooo, try this one: Select all the frontrunners (Dean, Kerry, Clark and Edwards.) If you're too lazy, I'll just tell you: They're the same fucking candidate. They are much more alike than even I thought. This thing doesn't represent all of the issues, mind you, absent are things like the war on drugs, Israel/Palestine, worker's rights and worker safety and health, affirmative action and a myriad of other issues. But on the major issues it's difficult to tell the difference (I had to keep scrolling up to the top to make sure which column was which candidate,) and I think it is safe to assume the differences couldn't be too vast on other issues.

Breaks My Heart.

The Weekly Toll -- worker deaths on the job for this week. Too fucking many.


Rumsfeld's cozying up to the next generation of evil thugs: first Karimov and now Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan. It's good to know that we're not going to make the mistake of supporting repressive, undemocratic regimes again. Oh, wait.....