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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Who's Paying For The Bush Tax Cuts?

Duh. You are.

Bush Tax Dot Com

We Love Big Brother.

Sean of Abstract Mandelbrot writes:
The new windows wont let you do anything illegal and will be literally a spyware machine, telling microsoft everything you do, and not letting you use mp3's or whatever. It will even delete your work if you have pirated software.

"Trusted computing", when you get down to it, is nothing more than the grandest-scale security through obscurity scheme ever invented. The entire thing is based roughly around keeping one set of keys locked up at Microsoft, having every single executable anyone runs ever sent to Microsoft to be signed with this key, and then not letting programs touch "Trusted" encrypted portions of your hard disk or internet-connect to other "Trusted" programs unless they are signed with the key.

The thing is, if ANYONE can find the key, or find a way to just read unencrpted stuff out of a TCPA-encrypted hard disk block, the entire system becomes worthless, because anything that gets put into this big DMCA trust circle, that one person can let out. TCPA basically takes all the trust in the entire universe and funnels it through one single point of failure at Microsoft headquarters.

"Yes sir, no sir, three fucking bags full sir. I don't wonder anything, sir. Me and the gang, we all agree... We Love Big Brother." - Grant Morrison

More Info

Friday, January 02, 2004

Only Those Who Sacrificed.

Ooooo, Burn!

Mad Goverment Protecting You From Mad Cow.

Eric Schlosser (author of Fast Food Nation) takes on Mad Cow and the government "regulators" who are supposed to be protecting us over at the NY Times (via Confined Space.)
Right now you'd have a hard time finding a federal agency more completely dominated by the industry it was created to regulate. Dale Moore, [ Agriculture Secretary Anne] Veneman's chief of staff, was previously the chief lobbyist for the cattlemen's association. Other veterans of that group have high-ranking jobs at the department, as do former meat-packing executives and a former president of the National Pork Producers Council.


Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year Tomorrow.

I won't be posting today (except for this one.) I'm going out to Chester's in a bit to get shit-faced on beer and liquor and won't be coming back until sometime tomorrow. And I'm gonna watch the Gator Bowl tomorrow if I can, though it's on a bit early. I should be back on the air tomorrow evening.

Three images from the "Self Portraits In E Minor" series are up for sale at POD Gallery: Coward, Living in Ennui and The Scream. Go buy a print if you love me. I have no idea why they didn't post the whole series at once. I've asked Kevin when the rest will be up -- haven't got a reply yet. You can view the whole series here.

And apparently, no one can actually read this page right now:
Blogger.con and Blogspot.com are not addressable for lots of people because of a DNS snafu. (DNS are the computers that tell your computer what number to go to when you put in a name.) The fix has been pushed, but it could take a while to refresh everywhere. Meanwhile, if you're geeky, you can change your host file to get to Blogger (point new.blogger.com to

Kinda sucks.

Peace and Good Health.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The EU Bombings.

There's an interesting discussion over at Infoshop on the EU bombings that are being blamed on Anarchists.

I'm not going to denounce these bombings. I'm not a pacifist anymore. I understand that violence is going to be neccessary to overcome the State-Capitalist system. I don't, however, think that this is at all the best time for anarchists to take violent action. Our numbers are too small, our enemies too great and our image far from acceptable to most working class people.

This is a time to spread our message and to educate people. It's a time to work ourselves into mainstream political thought (hense this blog) and "corrupt" the minds of our fellow workers. It's a time to take up banners with other Left-Libertarians and form grassroots organizations to deal with problems constructively.

The time for violence will come when the working classes are united and strong enough to take on the power base of the ruling classes.

UPDATE! - Chekov writes:
- The Prodi bomb was wrapped in a book by a fascist poet. - Bologna (from where the 'bombs' were sent) happens to be the site of the most famous bombing of the 1970's, attributed to communists, but eventually proved to be the work of the state acting through a fascist group. - Prodi seems a very strange target. He is an important European bureaucrat, and a nasty one at that, but neither he nor the other bureaucrats targetted are anywhere near as unpopular among anarchists as a lot of figures closer to home: Berlusconi and the handful of oligarchs who run the country spring to mind. European bureaucrats don't tend to have a very high profile in their home countries as media coverage of politics is overwhelmingly national and are not particular figures of hate to anarchists. On the other hand the far right nationalists are generally virulently anti-EU integrationists and they Prodi would figure way higher on their list of hate-figures. - The 'organisation', the informal anarchist federation, which claimed the bombings has never been heard of before as stated by the statements of the Italian anarchists. Imagine if the 'casual repubican party' started claiming responsibility for bombings, how much heat would the Republicans get? - The 'bombs' appear to have been fairly small fireworks, unlikely to cause any degree of injury. Prodi was holding his when it went off and the only injury was a slight burn to the carpet. Why an insurrectionist would go to all that trouble to give Prodi and his chums a scare is beyond me. - The Italian state has a long history of using fascist groups to carry out such actions designed to blacken the name of revolutionary groups. Most recently there were all those small bombs found during the run-up to Genoa as the Italian state cranked up the tension which they used as cover for their attempt to physically destroy the protests. - There is no history of Italian anarchists, even insurrectionists carrying out such actions, or even advocating this sort of thing.

Something to chew on.

I'm starting to wonder why they're even calling them bombs. It's like calling a sparkler "fireworks."

Two Sides Of The Same Coin.

The Dems are just as power-hungry and manipulative as the GOP (duh.) In Maryland -- where they control both houses of the legislature -- they're trying to reduce the number of votes needed to stop a filibuster in its tracks. Hmmm.... Damn, that sounds familiar. Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, the big judicial nominations fiasco. (But of course, Zell Miller co-sponsored that one, which means it was bi-partisan. Haha.)

Supporting The Troops.

From Infoshop:
In the last five years 5,690 veterans have lost their jobs in both the private and public sectors while activated to serve a tour of duty, according to a U.S. Department of Labor report presented to Congress this year. Those numbers are expected to increase because, of the 300,000 deployed reservists, as many as 25,000 veterans are expected to return home in 2005 to reintegrate themselves back into civilian life after a tour of duty in the global war against terrorism. Of those 300,000, about 20,000 work for the federal government.


Pirate Radio, Free Radio.

I love Pirate Radio. I wish there was a Pirate Station around here. Maybe I should start one -- a 50 Watt antenna on top of a mountain could reach all the way to Charleston from here. Hmmm....

Anyway, here's a cool article on Free Radio Twin Cities. Inspiring.

Who's Polluting Your Neighborhood?

Find out here who's polluting your county. I have the honor of living in one of the worst counties in the country in terms of cancer risk. Not surprising considering we have corporations like DuPont, Union Carbide, Rhone-Poluenc, and Exxon pumping out so many nasty chemicals into our environment. (Link via Joe 6 Pack.)

Yes, Capitalism is great -- unless, of course, your one of the unlucky people who can't afford medical insurance to pay for treating the cancer that was caused by the greedy rich fucks who control our country. In that case you're more likely to be diagnosed late and ultimately die from it. (Link via Living On Less.)

How can people defend this shit? How can anyone argue that corporations should be allowed to poison our communities freely and yet they shouldn't have to pay for the healthcare of the people they hurt?

The effect is measurable. Corporations kill people for profit -- they know it, the government knows it, the average person knows it -- and yet all the barking propagandists warp people into believing that the bastards have no responsibility to the society that they leech off of or the people that make up that society. Fucking bullshit.

A Thought Provoking Moment.

Found this through Technorati Link Cosmos:
When to say to a dude the traditional phrase "But will be that you not you burrows", it specifies that you are not to speak of masturbation. -- Elektra as translated by Babel Fish

Babel Fish fucking rocks. Seriously, take your favorite text through a couple o' languages and see how it comes out. Hell, just take it through one and back. I don't see how anyone can get any use outta the damn thing -- but it's good for a laugh.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Arar Just Won't Shut Up.

Via Talk Left:
Oliver: why have you decided not to let this thing go?

Arar: Because what happened to me could also happen to other people in the future, so I felt it's an obligation upon me as a human being and as a Canadian, to do something for other people in the future and, so to keep my story alive will help other people. It will also put more pressure on the government to call for public inquiry and we have not found the answers yet for what happened to me.

Jeezuz, you send somebody to fucking Syria to be tortured and they just won't shut up about it. Doesn't this guy know that it was absolutely neccessary that he be beaten and tortured for ten months in order to secure America from people like him? Hell, we shoulda just tortured him here. Fucking whiny bastard. Goddamn Canadians and there pussy-assed ideas about "human rights."

Even Laura Bush Is A Lying Fuck.

Now, this may not be a big deal, really. I mean, lying about a poem is hardly all that bad, especially compared to the whoppers told by the rest of the Bush junta, but it is indicative of the shear untrustworthiness of the current occupants of the house at 1600 Penn. Ave. They'll lie about anything, even if they know they'll get caught. They'll lie to make people think they're all warm and fuzzy and they'll lie in order to invade another [oil rich] country. They'll lie about abso-fucking-lutely anything, secure in the knowledge that the SCLM won't make any kind of stink about it.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

The AFA's Running Scared.

Ampersand reminds us that the American Family Association's Gay Marriage Poll is still up and going with 208K opposed and 387K in favor of legalized gay marriage (and another 50K in favor of "separate but equal civil unions.")

Amp noticed that they aren't promising to send the results to Congress anymore, but hey, they haven't taken it down yet like I thought they would. They are pleading with their members to vote though. If you haven't voted, do it now.

Freedom In Iraq.

Free Speech? The right to hold peaceful demonstrations? Yeah, sure, and Imma da Pope-a!
Ibrahim Ahmed Hakmet is 16, a cocky, engagingly arrogant kid; slim, with close-cropped hair, a little acne on his temples, and a tendency to giggle at me, because apparently I remind him of his aunt.

A few days after Saddam's capture, he was arrested by the Americans. About a hundred soldiers in armored Humvees and tanks surrounded the Amriyeh High School (a school for boys aged between 16 and 19). With the Iraqi police in attendance, they went from classroom to classroom matching faces to photographs and names to a list. They were looking for boys who had been at a pro-Saddam demonstration the day before.

"It's against the law," explained Lt. Col. Leopoldo Quintas, commander of the 2-70 "Old Ironsides" Armored Battalion, which carried out the operation. "And they were displaying pictures of Saddam."

"It's subversive," added his public affairs officer.


Charity Vs. Social Programs.

From the Toronto Star, via Pacific Views:
Charity, through no fault of its own, establishes a divide between the haves and the have-nots in our society, between those who give to charity and those who must accept it.

Social programs, for all their faults, are different. They are paid for by everyone through our taxes — and we all pay taxes, whether sales tax or income tax — and made available to all in times of need. They have an inherent equality to them that charity, for all its wonder, cannot match.

Of course, there's also the fact that charities don't work as well. Been there, done that. There's a reason people use to call it the Starvation Army.

Blame Canada.

That's the first thing I thought of when I heard about the Canada Cow Madness, and it seems I'm not the only one. Sisyphus Shrugged has a good post on the mad cow scare and the US beef industry. Read it and form your own opinion.

UPDATE! - Blah3 blames Canada too. It's amazing how much South Park has affected our thought processes.