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Friday, December 05, 2003

Forgot To Post This The Other Day.

Jake at LMB found a wonderful interview with economist Doug Henwood. Good Stuff. Sorry for not posting it sooner, slipped my mind.

A Rare Glimpse Of Me.

For anyone wondering what little ol' me looks like without all the digital art crap, I've updated the sidebar with an actual picture of me! Better be quick though, I don't know how long I can stand having that picture up. I'll probably put a new digital up in a day or two.

The pic's over three months old. The mohawk got a lot longer, and then I chopped it off because it was too much of a pain in the ass to cut by myself. I'm letting my hair grow out now so's I can braid it up. That's another month away though, and I'm trying to keep my mini-fro from acting up too much right now. You should see me in the morning. Yuck.

Also notice my favorite red shirt. It goes with my favorite black jeans. Red and Black. Solidarity and Traditional Anarchism. I'm my own flag.

Heh heh.

The Postmodern Anarchist thinks I'm radical.

Haha. I'm not all that radical, I'm just loud. And obnoxious. And always right (except when I'm wrong.) And highly excitable.

And I like to say "fuck" a lot, which can make me seem like a radical, I guess.

This'll Make You Sick.

A 7-year-old kid was punished by his school and told his parents were a "bad word." What's wrong with his parents? Young Marcus has two mommies. He was explaining to a fellow student how he doesn't have a mom and a dad but two moms when his hate-mongering teacher scolded him in front of the class and sent him to the principles office.
[...] The following week the school required Marcus to attend a special behavioral clinic at 6:45 in the morning, where he was forced to repeatedly write "I will never use the word 'gay' in school again."

That is seriously fucked up. That is fucking warped. What is wrong with these goddamn people?

And this is supposed to be the land of tolerance.

Link (via Angry Bear.)

Thursday, December 04, 2003

The Realities Of Palestine.

Via Anarchy Xero we find this great interview with Norman Finkelstein about the occupation, the "roadmap," the apartheid wall, Israeli history and Alan Dershowitz's discredited book.

Gotta love his name too. Much harder to accuse a Jew of anti-Semitism. They have to stretch reality an awful lot for that whole "self-loathing jew" thing. As in: break it.

The Tax Cuts Are Working.

From the EPI's JobWatch:
[...] Nationally, the country produced only 126,000 jobs in October when 150,000 were needed just to keep up with the growth in working age population. A minimum requirement for a robust economy is job growth that keeps up with the number of young people entering the labor force. Even during what is described as an economic "recovery," four million fewer jobs have been created than were needed to keep up with working age population growth since November 2001. With the unfortunate state of the national job market, it’s not surprising that job growth in 47 of the 50 states has failed to keep up with working age population growth since the recession officially ended.

That really puts Bush's tax cuts into perspective. Even when the fucking things "work" they're not even producing enough jobs to cover the rise in population. And this is in a wartime economy.
[...] This post-recession labor slump has now become the first (since the collection of monthly jobs data began in 1939) without a full recovery of jobs within 31 months of the start of a recession.

Instead of losing jobs over the last two and a half years, the economy should have added 4.5 million jobs just to keep up with growth in the working-age population. Actual job losses instead of needed job gains have created a total gap of 6.9 million jobs.

And you can take that to the voting booth.

Don't let em tell ya how great the productivity numbers are. That just means you're working your ass off because your doing the job of two people.

Free Rent For Striking Workers.

Liberal Landlords:
"It occurred to me that I have empty apartments while people are out striking," said David Davis, owner of the 64-unit Airport Garden Apartments and 20-unit Olivera Apartments in Palm Springs. "So I sent out my property manager with fliers offering apartments for free."

Davis has one apartment vacant now, with more to become available later this month. He says that strikers can have them for free, and utilities will be on the house.


Davis’ act of kindness may be catching on.

Charlotte and James Barrett have 10 apartments in Joshua Tree, and while none of them are vacant now, they are willing to help out in any way they can.

"We’ve got a trailer near our property with a separate bedroom and kitchen," said Charlotte Barrett. "If a striker does call up, they can move in for free and we’ll pay the electricity." Meanwhile, she says, if apartments become available, strikers are welcome to them.


Top Ten Reason's To Oppose Universal Government-Paid Health Care.

Good toon from Amp this week.

Action Alert.

Via Genfoods, take action to protect your vote.

Even The White House Admits It!!!

George Bush is a miserable failure.

Haha. Thanks to Mary at Pacific Views for the laugh.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I've Got Nothing To Say Either.

From the AP (via Demagogue:)
The hearing for a Muslim Army chaplain charged with mishandling classified materials was delayed because others in the military accidentally mishandled classified materials in his case, defense officials said Wednesday.

Okay, maybe I've got one thing to say: Ka-Ray-Zee.

Schwarzenegger Fights The Hungry.

No, you didn't read that wrong. Tax Terminator Ahhhnald isn't fighting world hunger, he's beating up on people that don't have enough food. In a vain attempt to justify ballooning the state's deficit by $4 billion (20%,) Schwarzedumbass cut the number of Californians elligible for Federal Food Stamps -- saving the state a few million bucks in administrative costs.

Congratulations California! You've hired a fucking retard to ru[i]n your state government.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Me No Like Your Dissenting View.

Free Speech at the Free Republic: myth debunked! Liberal poster booted off forum after just two posts. Discussion is not an option. Dissenters will be castrated. Failure to tow the party line will be met with swift and severe punishment. Heil Bush!

"Your posting priveleges have been revoked because your posting privileges have been revoked."

Zee Fuhrer es Haapee!


Uribe's iron grip on power in Colombia is slipping.

The Colombian president's attempt to limit the already weak democracy in the country failed when a referendum fell short of the required 25 percent voter turnout due to opposition efforts. Among the points on the referendum were a freeze on public sector wages and a reduction in the number of seats in Congress.

Bogota elections also delt a blow to Uribe. Former labor leader Luis Eduardo "Lucho" Garzon defeated Uribe's Right-Wing candidate to become the mayor of Colombia's largest city, the second most powerful post in the country. Mister Garzon's assassination is being arranged as I speak.

Couple more years and that country might be alright.

And some words of wisdom from the Colombian opposition:
"Let the rich pay for the fiscal squeeze."

That's a call that we Americans should be taking up, because there are two ways out of Dear Leader's fiscal mess: a rollback of upper-class tax cuts or a cut of government programs that benefit the rest of us. In the long run, average Americans are going to be paying more in taxes because we won't be getting anything back from the government for the money we pay into it. It's like the world's biggest shell game.

I'm rambling.

According To Witnesses....

There seems to be some arguement over the facts of the latest military incident:
Many residents said Saddam loyalists attacked the Americans, but that when U.S. forces began firing at random, many civilians got their guns and joined the fight. Many said residents were bitter about recent U.S. raids in the night.


Many residents said the Americans opened fire at random when they came under attack, targeting civilian installations. Six destroyed vehicles sat in front of the hospital, where witnesses said U.S. tanks shelled people dropping off the injured. A kindergarten was damaged, apparently by tank shells. No children were hurt.

"Luckily, we evacuated the children five minutes before we came under attack,'" said Ibrahim Jassim, a guard at the kindergarten. "Why did they attack randomly? Why did they shoot a kindergarten with tank shells?'"

Weren't midnight raids and disregard for human life staples of the Ba'ath Regime? Just asking.
Residents of Samarra disputed the death toll of 54, saying at most eight or nine people died. Three bodies lay in the hospital morgue. There was no way to reconcile the accounts.

Oh, who to believe!?!?

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss.

From The Progressive:
Most Iraqi workers hoped the fall of Saddam Hussein would liberate them, enabling them to recover their lost rights. Chief among them was the right to an independent union. In 1987, the regime of Saddam Hussein reclassified most Iraqi workers--those who labored in the huge state enterprises that are the heart of the country's economy--as civil servants. As such, they were prohibited from forming unions and bargaining.

The occupation, however, didn't lift this decree. It is still in force, as privatization looms like a sword of Damocles over those workers and the factories on which they depend for survival. And while keeping in place the ban on unions, the occupation authorities have kept wages low and unemployment high.

For Iraqi workers, the signal could not be clearer: The overthrow of Saddam did not bring liberation.

A very interesting article. I suggest you read the rest.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Quote of the Day.

Freedom is something you assume. Then you wait for someone to try to take it away from you. The degree to which you resist is the degree to which you are free. -- Ol' Campbell via Utah Phillips

US Market Corrupting European Companies.

From the Washington Post:
Consider the H&M clothing chain, a Swedish-based firm with more than 800 outlets in Europe. Over the past three years, H&M has opened about 70 stores in the Northeast, with outlets cropping up here in Washington over the past several months. A highly profitable purveyor of "cheap chic" fashions, H&M plans to open 12 to 15 stores a year in the United States.

Which would be a boon to U.S. workers if the chain adhered to its own code of conduct, which proclaims: "We have to make sure that nobody whose work is contributing to our success is deprived of his or her human rights, or suffers mental or bodily harm."

That comes as news, however, to Ana Maria Araujo, a Peruvian immigrant and mother of three who until Nov. 6 worked at H&M's U.S. distribution center in Secaucus, N.J. In September of last year, a box toppled off a dolly in the plant and knocked her unconscious. Then, this February, she ruptured a tendon in her right shoulder from hoisting too heavy a load. She was on disability for a month, then returned to work under orders from her doctor not to lift boxes or packages over a certain weight.

Which brings us to Nov. 6, when Araujo and a number of fellow workers with similar medical restrictions were called into their manager's office and given a choice: Either work without the restrictions or find work elsewhere. Fourteen workers were discharged, eight of whom had such restrictions, says Steve Weingarten of UNITE, the apparel union that is trying to organize H&M in the States.

We're the Devil!!!

Bush's Law.

Talk Left:
Three teens remain in captivity at Guantanamo. Their release was recommended this past August, but they are still there. Two arrived in January, 2002 and one later.
Human rights advocates say the U.S. military should long ago have released the boys, between the ages of 13 and 15, but detention mission commander Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller said this week their freedom is being held up at higher levels.
Since when is it not a war crime to lock up an 11-year-old kid for two years?

I'm so proud to be an American.

Oddly Reminiscent.

From the NY Whore Times:
In northern Iraq, the large but aging Kirkuk field suffers from too much water seeping into its oil deposits, the experts say, and similar problems are evident in the sprawling oil fields in southern Iraq.

I wonder if Bush is gonna get his daddy's buddies to buy out this failed oil venture too. Haha.

There's something... poetic... about their inability to loot iraq's oil reserves.