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Saturday, November 22, 2003

The Fight To Save Our Overtime Goes On.

From the AFL-CIO:
Legislation that protects workers’ overtime pay still faces a Bush administration veto threat, despite bipartisan U.S. Senate and House support for the guarantee and overwhelming public opposition to any attempts to take away workers’ rights to overtime pay.


Republican congressional leaders who are merging the various spending bills into the omnibus package could defy the bipartisan wishes of the House and Senate and strip the Harkin amendment from the bill. In a letter to House and Senate members, the AFL-CIO urged that overtime pay protections remain in the bill. If not, the new rules that take away FLSA [Fair Labor Standards Act] overtime pay protections could go into effect as early as January 2004.

Tell Bush To Stop Fucking With Our Overtime.
Learn About The Changes.
Find Out The Effects On Your State and Region.
Mark Fiore's Toon.

Top Ten George W. Bush Complaints About England:

10. "Clocks are five hours fast"
9. "Everybody's speaking some crazy foreign language"
8. "Harry Potter won't return phone calls"
7. "So touchy about minor things...like going to war under false pretenses"
6. "They don't know where Saddam is either"
5. "Queen Elizabeth not half as funny as 'King of Queens'"
4. "Disappointed to learn 'Big Ben' is just a giant clock"
3. "Pack a gum costs 2 pounds -- who carries two pounds of money?!"
2. "I've been here for 36 hours and Prince Charles hasn't made a single move on me"
1. "Driving on the left reminds me of my drinking days"

Link (via Skippy.)

You May Have Missed This On The News...

I fucking hate Michael Jackson. I caught a glimspe about this on the CNN ticker and saw nothing about it again. Fucking stupid bloody cable news.

Israeli scientists have built self-assembling Nano-Transistors using DNA, proteins from E. Coli, silver ions, gold and graphite nanotubes:
The team have already connected two of the devices together, using the biological technique. "The same process could allow us to create elaborate self-assembling DNA sculptures and circuitry," says [lead researcher Erez] Braun.

Can you say "revolutionary"?

And yet, all you hear on the TV is fucking "Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson." Who gives a fuck about Michael Fucking Jackson!?!

Say Hello To...

The Draft.

I think now is a good time to tell everyone that I'm gay, I have a heart condition and I'm thinking about moving to Canada in the near future.

Friday, November 21, 2003

It's More Harmful Than We Thought!

Nickolas Sandoval, 24, died Wednesday when he choked on a bag of pot he was trying to hide from police who had stopped to help him change a flat tire. Sandoval had been convicted three times of possession.

I wonder if they'll make a stupid fucking commercial outta this.

Link (via Zoe at Demagogue.)

"Gay Marriage Will Destroy The Great Tradition Of Marriage!"

Some questions: Do you hateful little fuckers want to go back to arranged marriages for economic reasons? Do you want the woman to be the property of the man she marries? Do you want her to be subservient to the man by law? Do you want to go back to not being able to divorce a spouse. Would you be happy if the man were legally allowed to beat his wife again?

These were all traditional aspects of marriage. If you don't think any of these things were all that great, but are still kinda grossed out by all those dirty gay people, do me a favor and Just Shut The Fuck Up. Stop using these stupid fucking arguements to justify your own hate and intolerance.

You don't have to accept homos into your Konservative Kristian Kommunities. You don't have to believe that there's a place in heaven for them. You don't have to like them. You don't even have to talk to them.

You do have to give them equal rights under the law. You do have to keep your fucked up moral beliefs out of other peoples homes. You do have to respect their personal decisions. You DO have to keep your religion out of our government.

Welcome to America. Land of the free. Justice and Equality for all. If you don't like it maybe you should get the fuck out. I think you might like Saudi Arabia. Iran might be your cup of tea. I hear Pakistan is nice this time of year. (Oops, KKKristians aren't smart enough to understand irony!!!)

Selective Breeding Isn't Genetic Manipulation.

Bad Things has some good comments about bad journalism concerning the "discovery" that teosinte was manipulated 4,000 years ago to produce corn. Go Read It.

Another Benchmark In The War To Create More Terrorists.

More than 500 dead soldiers from 7 countries. 423 Yanks, 53 Brits, 17 Italians (all killed in the recent bombing,) 3 Ukranians, 3 Spaniards, 1 Pole and 1 Dane. That is some fucking "coalition." I guess they really weren't all that "willing" after all.

Among the dead:

Pfc. Rick William Hafer.
Nitro, West Virginia.
21 years old.
Killed in the Black Hawk collision.
Story (Loggin required.)

Pfc. Hafer went to my high school. Lived in the same town that I still live in. He was two years my junior, and I didn't know him (and probably wouldn't have been friends if I did,) but this still hits close to home.

I have friends in Iraq right now. I have friends gearing up to go to Iraq right now. I have a friend in Iraq who's doing a job he was never trained to do because the assholes in charge of this fiasco didn't fucking plan ahead.

A simple twist of fate and it would have been my scrawny ass riding in one of those helicopters.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Oh, The Humanity!

I was taken down by a mystery virus on Sunday. Dead sick. I didn't eat the whole day yesterday; I've barely even been able to get outta bed. I felt I had to let everyone know why I haven't posted though.

I'm not feeling at all up to actually doing anything right now.

My head is starting to spin.

I'm gonna lie down for a minute and then go and make some tea.