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Saturday, November 15, 2003

Not Posting Tonight.

Sorry, I'm a little tipsy from drink at the moment. I've just finished watching The Backyard Brawl (that's the Pitt vs. West Virginia game to anyone who doesn't follow college football.) WVU stomped the fuck outta Pitt: 52-31, 294 rush yards to 10. Bad Ass!!! If you're into college football I highly suggest you watch that game if it reruns (which I'm sure it will.)

It was fucked up about the goal posts though. Fucking authoritarian fucks. At the Virginia Tech at WVU game the fuckers maced the crowd. (Hasn't anyone ever told those assholes that they can blind people with that shit?) They had double security tonight.

(Also for those who don't know, I'm a dumb hick living in a West Virginia suburb, which is why I spent my whole night getting drunk and shouting at the TV.)

I'm gonna play some chess, drink some more beer and pass out. Later Y'all.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Fuck Old People.

Why are Bush's plans for Medicare bad? Ask Paul Krugman (link via Confined Space.)
But many studies predict that private insurers would cherry-pick the best (healthiest) prospects, leaving traditional Medicare with retirees who are likely to have high medical costs. These higher costs would then be reflected in the extra payments required to stay in traditional fee-for-service coverage. The effect would be to put health care out of reach for many older Americans. As a 2002 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation judiciously put it, "Difficulties in adjusting for beneficiary health status . . . could make the traditional Medicare FFS program unaffordable to a large portion of beneficiaries."

What's going on? Why, bait and switch, of course. Few politicians want to be seen opposing a bill that finally provides retirees with prescription drug coverage. That makes a prescription drug bill a perfect vehicle for smuggling in provisions that sound as if they have something to do with improving Medicare, yet are actually designed to undermine it.

Everybody, repeat after me: Privatization is bad. Privatization does nothing but line the pockets of rich Republican supporters at the expense of common Americans like you and me. Privatization is BAD.

The Death Of The "RoadMap"
JERUSALEM, Nov 12 (Reuters) - A secret Israeli memorandum says the country has failed to honour commitments under a U.S. peace plan to evacuate illegal settler outposts and has sought "in every way to whitewash their existence and build more".

Link (via Thoughts on the Eve of the Apocalypse.)

And it's not any kind of stretch to assume that the US government new about this all along and did nothing about it. Our government is probably the only one in the world who can put pressure on Israel, but do we? (No.) Why not? (Because they don't care about peice in the Middle East, just propaganda.)

How Many Dead Iraqi Civilians Is Too Many?

Vietnam -- an estimated one million plus civilians died before Americans got fed up and stopped the war. They didn't stop the war because of the dead vietnamese though, they stopped it because 50,000 US troops had been killed with no end in sight.

That's a ratio of 20-1. For every American soldier killed in vietnam, 20 civilians were murdered.... And no one cared.

O.I.L. -- 400 American troops have been killed since the start of hostilities. 10,000 Iraqi civilians have died. That's 25 innocent civilians for every dead American soldier.... And no one seems to care. There's no end in sight.

What will it be by the time we give up and hand control over to the UN? 50-1? 100-1? When will the American people give a damn about the 25 innocent people murdered for every individual soldier killed? When will the US Media use it's voice to educate? When the hell am I gonna stop asking these stupid questions?

Jeanne D'Arc writes:

Medact, a British health group, released a report yesterday estimating that between 5,708 and 7,356 Iraqi civilians died during the war (March 20 to May 1), and that more than 2,000 more have died as a result of hostilities since that time. The most important thing to know, though, is that they continue to die.

Before the first Gulf War, Iraq had one of the best health care systems in the developing world. Iraqis' health was comparable to that of people in middle income countries. After 1991, it began to deteriorate, and just before the current war, the state of health in Iraq was poor by international standards.

But it's now worse. Wounded people still don't have access to health care. Many newborns are not being immunized because of a shortage of vaccines. There is also a continuing shortage of medicines. Poor sanitation and environmental damage are making people sick. There have been dramatic increases in typhoid and cholera. Malnutrition has doubled in the past year. Mines continue to kill many civilians, especially children.

Those are all immediate crises. Beyond that, Medact reports, Iraq will have health care problems as a result of the war that will go on for decades, such as the likelihood of increased cancer rates caused by depleted uranium residues.

Apologies to Jeanne for reprinting nearly her entire post here. My pappy always said, "if someone else has already said it better and with more detail, don't summarize or paraphrase, just steal the whole damn thing!" Well, no, he never actually said that. He more likely said something like, "hey man, pass the bong." Haha, he's a pothead,see. Heh. "How sad," you say? Well, that's a lot better than my grampa, who's most common words to me are "Bryan, gimme a beer!" (Or, "Bryan, I need beer." Or, "I'm about outta beer." Actually, he says that "we're" about outta beer, even though I don't drink that nasty crap he likes.)

I'm rambling. Where was I?

Oh, yeah, next time you hear someone bitching about dead troops, give them a couple of these numbers. Tell them that for every American soldier their worried about there are 25 innocent peeople that they aren't showing any sympathy for at all. Ask them how many it will take for them to start bitching about that. 50,000? 100,000? One million?

Here's the Medact Report.

Good News From England.

Cool beans.
President George W. Bush will not be hidden from the mass protests expected during his state visit next week, a senior police officer said on Wednesday.

Roads would not be closed to pedestrians and protesters would not be kept away, [said Andy Trotter, deputy assistant commissioner]. "There is no intention to spare anyone's embarrassment. It is not part of our policing plan. We will do what's necessary to balance security," he said.

Link (via Citizen Lehew.)

Ha. Jeez. Hasn't Tony Blair learned about the beauty of the "Free Speech Zone," which successfully herds all dissenters into an area miles away from the watchful eyes of news cameras? Kee-Riced, the British are always two steps behind!

PS - Citizen Lehew says some witty stuff about this too. Go Read It.

Talk Radio Activism -- Slime The Lying Fucks On Their Own Shows!

I love Scoobie Davis' particular brand of activism. It's so damn entertaining. Go read about his latest clash with the Prince of Lies -- Bill O'Reilly.

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words.

(But a Cliche is worthless.)

Hammerdown has a great picture of Bill Frist giving the opening speech for the Rupug Propoganda Event in the Senate last night. Check it out.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

More Right-Wingers Act Like Dicks.

Chickenhawks don't have a monopoly on being complete fuckheads, even though sometimes it seems like they do. Via Amp we learn about 30 veterans who were denied their right to walk in a Veterans Day parade because of their anti-war views.
Members of Veterans For Peace and Vietnam Veterans Against the War were yanked off a downtown Tallahassee street, directly in front of the Old Capitol, while marching in the holiday parade they had legitimately registered in.

As organizers allowed the parade to roll on -- including veterans from various wars, several high school marching bands and even a group of young women from the local Hooters restaurant -- the anti-war veterans were ordered onto sidewalks where they passed out leaflets and displayed a banner reading, "Honor the Warrior, Not the War."

That's fucking disgusting. I've not been this pissed off since they canceled Invader Zim.

Why isn't this a bigger story? I think when veterans are denied both their right to free speech and their right to march in a Veterans Day parade a fucking hurricane of public outrage should ensue.

If you feel so inclined, I suggest you write or call the VFW Post 3308 and express your outrage at their treatment of their fellow veterans. Contact info is:
Leon County VFW Post 3308
2765 1/2 W. Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32315
Phone # 850-575-3308

Be polite. No cursing. Be respectful.

I managed to track down Ken Conroy's phone number (no hacking involved -- it was on a parade notice,) but out of respect I won't post it here. There's no need to bother the man on his personal phone, I'm sure the VFW will pass on your comments.

Bloody Times.

Nov 12 -- Seven dead in the Dominican Republic
A number of protestors who were demanding lower gasoline prices, better state hospitals, and an end to foreign debt payments and IMF agreements were shot by armed forces in different areas of the nation.

Broad Front for the People's Struggle official Fidel Santana announced the names of five of the dead and said at least two other unidentified people were killed at Higuey in the east of the state, and at Cristo Rey in the capital.

Dozens more people were injured, and an unknown number of arrests were made, media and public organizations added.

Nov 11 -- Two dead and 150 wounded in South Africa
A total of two people are now reported to have died following a clash between textile workers and police in Lesotho on Monday.

One man, injured when police opened fire on workers demanding better pay in the capital, Maseru, reportedly died of his wounds on Tuesday.


Mokhele said that one woman was trampled to death and more than 150 people injured when the police opened fire with rubber bullets and tear gas.

Nov 9 - Trade Unionists attacked riot police in South Korea, 12 injuries. Plus three suicides.
Trade union militants in South Korea's capital, Seoul, have attacked riot police with fire bombs and metal pipes.

At least 12 people, including some policemen, were injured in the clashes.

About 40,000 workers took part in the protest against labour laws under which union leaders can be sued for lost production during strikes.

Three union leaders have committed suicide over the measures that have led to a wave of labour unrest and caused industrial output to drop.

Nov 7 - 19 people burned alive in India.
Nineteen people were burnt alive when a mob of nearly 400, mostly tea garden workers, set ablaze the house of a trade union leader in the Dalgaon tea estate in north Bengal's Jalpaiguri district this morning.

The bodies of the persons trapped indoors were charred, making it difficult for police to initially determine the number of the dead.


The violence was a sequel to a dispute between two sections of the estate's 1,500 or so workers over the filling of three vacancies for the posts of clerks.

Fuck Me Runnin'. Iraq ain't the only hot spot in the world recently.

Note To Republican Boobs And Unwary Passersby.

Clinton judicial nominees blocked by Repugs (1995-2000): 63 of 248.

Shrub nominees blocked by Dems (so far): 4 of 168

If you're a Liberal in blogostan I'm sure you've seen these numbers before, but it never hurts to see them again. Memorize. (Thanks to Kash for the reminder.)

It's obvious that the Dems being virtually spineless on this whole issue just isn't good enough. Any amount of resistence is a travesty of the Democratic process! It's a kick in the balls for our forefathers, who didn't fight the English just so the Democrats could walk all over the Conservatives by blocking a few crazy right-wing asshats.

It's a fucking assault on the Constitution is what it is!!! It's a conspiracy to bring down the American way of life and keep God-fearing Americans from going to church and buying elections and stuff like that.

What are they gonna do next, make suggestions about what to serve in the caffeteria!?!?! Bring back the Ergonomics Rules!?!? Pronounce Saddam Hussein as the eternal leader of the Party!?!?! The fiends!!!

"Ye fawken Lib'rel Cawmy Peenko Fem'ist Turd E'ders nee' ta learn yer gawdamn place an' le' da reeel men run dis 'ere cunt-tree AND it's coorts."

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The Mad Prophet Is Back, Baby!

Well, I guess I am anyway. I'm no longer plugged to the max -- I've been reduced to scamming free dialup, which will slow me down like a knife to the hamstring -- but what the hell, who the fuck am I too complain?

Lots of things have been going on since I've been gone; it's gonna take me a while to get caught up. Fucking CNN is bullshit for news, man, I tell ya. One of the first things I found out was that Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez has stated publicly that foreign resistence to the US occupation amounts to a "couple hundred fighters" from surrounding countries (which Faux news twisted into "hundreds of foreigners cross the border area to carry out attacks.") Thanks to Skippy for the enlightenment.

And speaking of Iraqi insurgents: Does anyone find it odd that they always blame the violence on "Bathists, foreigners and criminals" Tell me, exactly why the fuck would criminals give a shit? Whouldn't they be happy since our being there is what set them free in the first place? Do they yearn for the comforts of their 3x5 cell now that they've tasted the sweet air of chaos? Do they harbor some sick love for the very regime that locked them up for life and fucked them in the ass with giant dildos without even the mercy of some KY (hey, I'm not the one who started this whole rape-room fetish, that was your boy Georgie who got the nation -- well, the ditto-monkeys anyway -- onto that one.) Are all of Iraq's criminals, like, stupid fucking insane? I mean, deathwish insane here. I mean drooling, schizo, fucking chickens and eating camel shit insane here, buddy. Otherwise, I find this hard to believe.

Barney Gumble's evil twin has taken over Media Whores Online Watch(x4). Fucking nuts to that. The asshat even felt the need to chastize me for scamming my cable connection for all that time (albeit in a thoroughly friendly and playful manner.) I got one word for you friend, P-O-V-E-R-T-Y. Get used to it, you're gonna see an awful lot of it in your lifetime (or maybe you'll be spared the HORROR of witnessing the failures of our system, I don't know, you seemed to have missed it so far.) The only reason I scammed it was because I couldn't pay for it. When I could, I did.

Jordan Barab at Confined Space is still going strong. Thank the Gods, I was afraid he might have been assassinated while I wasn't looking.

Well, I can't really go through my whole blogroll here, especially seeing as how I haven't even been able to go through it myself in almost two months, but I'll get to everyone eventually (and I'll get an update with reciprocals for anyone who linked to me in my absence.)

Don't expect too much from me for a few weeks while I get caught up on things and get my groove back (and especially don't expect my reply to Hugh's last post in our short lived debate, I cannot handle no serious debating right now. And damn would that post take hours to write.)

Oh, and one more thing, due to the nature of my internet connection I'll probably only be able to post in the evenings and night. Don't ask.

"Ask me no favors, I'll give you no excuses."