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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Note To Warmongerong Assholes:

You know all those mean things you've been saying about most of the rest of the world? Well, FUCK YOU. Let's see you show the same kind of empathy that they gave us that one time when that thing happened. Remember?

Sorry, you're mad because that compassion wasn't given in perpetuity, right? Because that sympathy didn't give you (not in my name motherfucker,) the right to do whatever the fuck you felt like? Sad.

Thanks to Iggi at Genfoods for the link. It reminded me that people can be kind; I'd almost forgotten.

I Can't Say It Enough....

Go read Factivism! Trust me.

The [So-Called] Liberal Washington Post.

Federick at Demagogue catches the Washington Post omitting a very important peice of information about the '73 Coup in Chile. Specifically, the WP fails to mention the US's role in the Coup. What the Fuck?!?!

On many occassions I like the WP and the NY Whore Times and the rest of the mainstream liberal media (what little there is,) but things like this always remind me about what they're really there for: not to speak truth but to bend public opinion.

Fucking shameless.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Quote Of The Day.

"We don't condone copyright infringement but it's time for the RIAA's winged monkeys to fly back to the castle and leave the Munchkins alone." - Adam Eisgrau, executive director, P2P United.

Hahaha. Good one.

Damn. Now That's Conviction.

Can you imagine?

CANCUN, Mexico (Reuters) - A South Korean activist stabbed himself and died on Wednesday in violent anti-capitalism protests at a World Trade Organization meeting in Mexico's Caribbean beach resort of Cancun.

Reporters saw the man climb up onto a high security fence and wave a banner that read "WTO Kills Farmers." He then stabbed himself in the chest.

The South Korean man, in his 50s, was carried away and treated for his injuries but later died in hospital. One of his friends said it was an "act of sacrifice" to show his disgust at the WTO and its policies.


UPDATE! - Here's a Picture.

Save Our Overtime.

The Repugs in the Senate have been screaming their lying asses off in the Senate over the Democratic move to save overtime from the Labor Department's bushit. The asshats (I'm very fond of that word today) have stalled the vote until Congress gets a night of sleep, which has lost at least one of the Dem votes because of this campaign bullshit. A vote is expected this morning and it looks like there's still enough votes to win.

There's still time, you can help Save Overtime Pay. Sign the petition. Fax your Senators (better hurry, only a few more hours left.) Write the prez and tell him to stop being such a dick.

For more info on what's been going on, check out the action alert at Open Source Politics and my last post on it here, which has links to the all of my recent posts.

UPDATE! - Good News For Workers.

The Senate passed the Harkin Amendment!!! Woo-hoo!

This doesn't mean the fight's over -- far from it, actually, but we've won a battle.

Sign the Save Overtime Pay petition if you haven't already. Fax your Senators. Fax the pResident.

UPDATE 2! - Oh, and Fax your Representative in the House. Very important, that's where the next fight is gonna be.


The RIAA Kills Baby Dolphins.

Well, they might as well. They're already taking 12 year old girls to court for piracy. A twelve year old girl! Fuck's sake! Don't these people have consciences? Don't they have any Humanity left in them at all?!?!

I blame the spineless fucking parents for not fighting. Fucking pussies. Cave in to a little pressure from the RIAA whores and their million-dollar-a-year lawyers and their near infinite resources.

Washington State Ergonomics Initiative.

Jordan at Confined Space has an in-depth post on the Washington State ballot initiative that is seeking to overturn the states ergonomics laws. This is a very important issue, especially if you live in Washington, but it's just as important for the rest of us. The Right-Wing Asshats who are leading this assault on worker safety are well funded and have no problem -- legal or otherwise -- with lying their lying liar asses off. Go. Now. Read.

Monday, September 08, 2003

The President's Address.

I tried to write about it this morning -- several times actually -- but I kept lapsing into curses and grunts.

So, I can't do it. I can't even watch the speeches personally -- I have to read the transcripts, and even then it takes me several tries to get through the whole thing, because he just makes me so goddamn angry. Gargh! *Spit* Fuckhead!

Anyway, go read Jason Vest's piece at Alternet: A Deadbeat President Hawks His Dead-End War.

I Don't Watch Faux News Much.

I end up screaming at the TV whenever I watch the Faux News ditto-monkeys. They lie. They lie so damn much. Like Hannity tonight. "We liberated 50 million people!" Hmm, I must have missed that one, the only liberating I seem to remember is our liberating people from clean drinking water, electricity, food, hospitals, security, etc.

Oh, yeah, and then when someone was talking about bringing the UN into Iraq: "There were seventeen resolutions, they were there for 12 years and he still didn't disarm." That's funny, you ditto-monkey fucks still haven't found any WMD, so very obviously the UN was very fucking effective! Fucking idiot.

I can't believe they can still get away with Bushit like this.

Big Headlines, Small Print.

Bush Seeks $87 billion for Reconstruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. Sounds good, right?

The Truth: $66 billion will go to "military operations" ($51 billion for Iraq alone, and $11 billion for Afghanistan. Only $4 billion for the rest of the "war on terra.") That money ain't gonna be used for "reconstruction," it's gonna be used for roadblocks and security for the oil pipelines and replacing bombed out Humvees and raiding homes. $1.5 billion will also go to bribing the Poles for their 2,000 troops.

Of the $87 billion total, 5 will be used for security and 15 will be used for "restoring and upgrading the nation's infrastructure." Yippee! That'll do the trick, yeah... sure... right. Fucking assholes.


Action Alerts!

Tell Congress not to privatize the Air Traffic Controllers! - Are they ever gonna learn that privatization doesn't work?

Tell the Senate to roll back the FCC rule changes! - The final vote in the Senate is this week.

And -- as always -- if you haven't already, sign the petition at Save Overtime Pay Dot Org and tell your Senators to block the rule changes that will deprive 8 million people of overtime protections.

A Fine Line Between President And Dictator.

Emphesis in original:

The difference between the Clinton Administration and the Bush II (and to a slightly lesser extent Reagan) is that Clinton was using the regulatory power of the agencies to implement the laws that Congress passed, whereas the Republicans and their business allies are using the agencies to undermine the laws that Congress passed. - Jordan Barab of Confined Space

Really a good post there, you should go read the rest. Lots of nasty stuff about the environmental catastrophies unleashed by the Bushits* in the last couple o' weeks.

I took this quote out of context to demonstrate why I call Bush a "Dictatorial Asshole" so much. General McSmirk uses the powers given to him to force through his most harmful, disgusting and universally reviled and detested political agendas. He has no respect or appreciation for either the Congress or the Judiciary, both are merely tools for him to use to force his will on the rest of us, and when they won't work for him he'll go around them (if left unchecked [re: if elected] I have no doubt that he might eventually just dissolve the Congress -- if they get too uppity -- and replace them with "temporary" appointees. Happened before, happen again.)

A good example of the way he goes around the other Branches is the new overtime rules. Bush couldn't get his happy-business-rule-changes through Congess, so he used the DoL to amend laws originally passed by Congress. This is not how division of powers is supposed to work. I seem to remember learning in school that the Legilature makes the laws, the Executive enforces the laws and the Judiciary interprets the laws. Bush seems rather intent on making, enforcing and interpreting the laws himself. Like a Dictator.

Our President has too much power. It's always been this way, just no one has used the office so... I don't want to say effectively... He's only "effective" in promoting his own agenda, and that won't last. What's the word I'm looking for...? Unethically... Criminally... Evilly... Ah, I know, Dictatorially. Yeah. Or maybe "Dictatorially effective."

*Ooo, I like that. Bushits. Bush shits (noun, not verb. Think: "Rove, that little shit.") Rummy is a Bushit. Haha. Ashcroft, that Bushit. Oh, wait, make it a verb: I can't believe this Bushit! (Oh, wait, that's not a verb, sorry.) Godamn all the Bushit I have to put up with! Eat Bushit, you little Bushit. Heh.

Drugs are good.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Cry California.

From Mother Jones:

[...] Although Anglos are now a minority of the population, they still constitute 70% of the electorate. Even in 2040, according to the projections of the Public Policy Institute of California, whites (only 35% of the population) will still cast 53% of the votes. If current trends continue, this geriatric white minority will also consume a majority of entitlements and tax resources.

The conservative worldview, of course, inverts these realities. Led by former governor Pete Wilson, Republicans argue that the state has become a dumping ground for shiftless and uncultured beggars from the South. Mexico, as depicted in a notorious Wilson campaign ad ("They're coming!"), is invading Anglo California and imposing huge tax, crime and pollution burdens upon its honest burghers. The true wretched of the earth are long-suffering, overtaxed white guys in their golf carts.

His veteran staff (including George Gorton who ran Boris Yeltsin's reelection) control all the important strings moving Schwarzenegger, while Wilson himself drives a sales campaign which has successfully recruited most of the billionaires in the state. As a result, the inner circle of Schwarzenegger's "populist" crusade looks like a Bohemia Grove toga party: Donald Bren, George Schultz, David Murdock, Warren Buffett, and so on.

[Link] (via Working For Change)

Some Humor.

"32,000 Dead and I'm still paying $2.29 for Unleaded."

"Dulce et Decorum est por Halliburton Mori."

Head on over to Angry Bear for an explanation... And a translation.

Open Source Politics - Save Our Overtime!

Todays update at OSP is up and ready for some love. Go over and read it. Of particular interest (to all five of my regular readers anyway,) is my post on the overtime situation:

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) is leading the fight in the Senate to block the Labor Department from implementing changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act that would reclassify 8 million working people as managers and professionals, thus depriving them of their rights to be paid time and a half for work over 40 hours a week. A vote is expected sometime in the next week, and as soon as Tuesday, on an amendment -- introduced by Sen. Harkin -- to the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education department appropriations bill that would prevent the changes from being made.

The new rules, if implemented, would in fact guarantee many low-wage managers overtime protections, as long as they make less than $22,100 a year. The Harkin Amendment would not change this. The thing is, the Bush Labor Department has already told employers how to get around this rule! On page 15,576 of the Federal Register the DoL suggests "converting salaried employees' basis of pay to an hourly rate that results in virtually no changes to the total compensation paid those workers."

GO READ THE REST, damnit, and then read all the other wonderful posts. There's a very good bit in there about how BushLackeysInc came to the 644,000 figure while the EPI came to the conclusion that 8 million people would lose overtime. (Little hint: The EPI is right and BushCo. are a bunch of lying bastards, surprise. Angry? Go read the rest and then Take the Actions I recommend at the bottom.)

Save Our Goddamn Overtime!

By the way, I E-mailed one of my contacts at the AFL-CIO to find out how many people have signed the petition and sent faxes, but I forgot that it was Saturday and they aren't in the office. Oh well. I expect I'll still get the info from them eventually and post about it sometime in the week.