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Saturday, September 06, 2003

Take A Bullet, Get A Green Card.

Some media reports have said that more than 35,000 of the U.S. frontline soldiers do not have U.S. citizenship, prompting accusations of using green card troops as cannon fodder.


Damn. I wonder if that's true....

Operation: Get Behind The Darkies

UPDATE! - Interesting reading:

Non-Citizen Soldiers in the Line of Fire. Excerpt:

"Due to national security and many other restrictions, non-citizen members of the military have only a small, select number of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) to choose from when enlisting or re-enlisting. In all service branches, immigrants and non-citizens are over-represented in the field of infantry... They are most likely to be called first to the front lines."

And according to The American Immigration Law Foundation (AILF) there are 60,000 non-citizens serving on active duty. They also say that 20% of recipients of the Medal of Honor have been immigrants, among other things.

NUD'R UPDATE! - The common number among news sources has been around 35,000 active duty non-citizens. This Aug 20th CBS article says that 38,000 non-citizens are serving active duty, and 10 have been killed in Iraq. That would be about 2.5% of active duty personnel and 3.5% of American deaths in Iraq. Just somethin' to chew on.

Take Action! Save Overtime Pay!

The vote in the Senate is most likely gonna be this Tuesday, which gives us today, tomorrow and monday to flood the Senate with faxes. So go to Save Overtime Pay Dot Org and sign the petition and then follow the link afterward to send the fax. Then tell your friends.

There'll be a post up tomorrow at Open Source Politics about overtime. (By the way, go read OSP now damnit!) I'll highlight a few things like how the DoL tells the bosses to get around the new rules govering low-wage employees and why the Bush Administration says only 644,000 workers will lose their overtime (as if there's an acceptable number,) and the EPI says 8 million. Interesting, that is.

My previous posts on Overtime Pay:

The Save Overtime Pay Petition.
Survey Says People Don't Like Bush's Plans For Overtime.
Bush Threatens Veto If Bill Contains Rollback Of Changes.
DoL Tells The Bosses How To Get Around The New Ruels.
Overtime On The Top Of The List As Senate Goes Back To Work.


Friday, September 05, 2003

Take That.

The French are more productive than Americans who work longer hours than the Japanese.

Now, how many stereotypes does that sentence contradict?

"Bush Election Win No Sure Thing."

I could have told them this months ago, but they just had to wait for the poll numbers to fall:

Some 41 percent of all registered voters say they will definitely vote against Bush; just 29 percent say they will definitely vote for him. So Bush must woo about seven in ten swing voters -- not a difficult task for a popular incumbent, but far from a certainty.


Swing voters won't swing far when the vast Left-Wing Grassroots Campaign kicks in (already getting off to a pretty damn good start and we ain't even in election mode yet.) Bush is going to lose the military vote, the labor vote, the senior vote and the latino vote. Easy. He's a one term loser. He's never gonna be a legitimate President.

UPDATE! - Richard Reeves gives Ten Reasons Georgie Boy Can't Win (via Skippy.) Personally, I don't see how anyone can limit this kind of list to just ten. Unless, of course, the ten are: his labor policies, his economic policies, his fiscal policies, his environmental policies, his health policies, his education policies, his foreign policies, his judicial policies, his energy policies, and his complete lack of intelligence, maturity, compassion and responsibility.

Some Stuff Via Morons.Org.

One of the AFA (American Family Association) Asshats has been arrested for possession of child porn. For those who don't know, the AFA is a Christian organization the sole purpose of which is to tell you how to live your life. I see now why they consider themselves to be so morally superior.

There's a market for ripe places to troll and the losers are storming the gates.

71 Congresspeople clearly don't understand how their own government works. They're trying to pass a bill that bars federal courts from interfering in cases involving the display of religion by state governments. Why do I get the feeling that these are 71 Repugs? And you know, it gets gets my goat up when I hear them talking about "state's rights," because they've already shown their true colors on this plenty (yep, every one of those words is a seperate link. Ya gotta love google.)

Check out Morons.Org for more.

Follow The Link.

Much good content over at Open Source Politics today, as always. Go check it out.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Say No To The Recall!

MoveOn has collected 62,000 signatures from Californians who say no to the recall... And over 110,000 from non-Californians.... In One Fucking Day! Take that Darrel Issa, buying votes with your millions of dollars. Hahahaha. You suck. Take that Ah-nuld, with your no-special-interests-but-the-special-interests "popular movement." You suck too. Bwahahaha.

Go sign it.

Save Overtime Pay!

Eleiza Braun, who works at the AFL-CIO, just dropped me an E-mail pointing me to the Save Overtime Pay Petition, which you should all go and sign right now. And if you haven't already, you can send a fax to your Senators after you sign. And pass the link on to your friends and tell them to do the same.

Sen. Harkin says we have the votes -- including six Republicans -- to pass the ammendment to the spending bill that blocks the changes (just the bad ones though,) we just gotta keep the pressure on. The Repugs could still pull the whole bill, like the pansy whores that they are, and Bush could still Veto it, but either move will be a disaster come election time. This is a big issue.

It is doubly important for you to send your Senator a message if he or she is a Republican, we need to pressure more of them to join our side in this. The vote will be on soon.

My previous posts on Overtime Pay:

Survey Says People Don't Like Bush's Plans For Overtime.
Bush Threatens Veto If Bill Contains Rollback Of Changes.
DoL Tells The Bosses How To Get Around The New Ruels.
Overtime On The Top Of The List As Senate Goes Back To Work.


OSHA, Ergonomics and Paid Witnesses.

Jordan over at Confined Spaces has a great post linking those three subjects.

During the OSHA's ergonomics hearings in 2000, OSHA had its own experts (these were real experts), generally from universities around the country, most of whom had done the original research on which the ergonomics proposal was based. They were willing to offer their services, but they were not well funded enough to spend their own time and money writing testimony for the hearings or traveling to Washington to testify. Nor did anyone expect it to be a fun experience. Unlike court hearings, in administrative hearings anyone who signs up to testify can question any witness. Most of the OSHA witnesses knew that they would be up against the best attorneys and "expert witnesses" that corporate America could buy.

OSHA, as it had done throughout its history, provided a stipend and expenses to those who were willing to be experts. Needless to say, the money they received was nowhere near the sums that the industry experts received.

Nevertheless, the industry representatives cried foul all the way to their Republican friends in Congress who were shocked, SHOCKED! that OSHA had used tax dollars to buy "hired guns" and screamed that these amounted to procedural crimes that were alone worthy of scuttling the entire ergonomics standard. As the witch-hunt grew, Republican congressional staff began harassing OSHA's witnesses about whether or not they were coached and demanded to inspect the e-mail on their personal computers. (Several told me later that they'd think twice about ever agreeing to testify for OSHA again.) These same arguments about OSHA improperly using witnesses came up again on the floor of Congress during the "debate" on repeal of the standard.

Shameless. The fuckers are shameless.

I'll Tell You Where You Can Stick Your War Hard-On.

Via Factivism:

I can't believe you people.

First you jump around like Alabama cheerleaders for a war in Iraq, then you turn chickensh*t once we lose a few soldiers in the occupation.

I just read the new polls. Americans are losing their war hard-ons faster than a fag in a whorehouse. At the start of May 2003, 61% said the war was going "very well." Now only 19% say that. Back in May, only 4% said the war was going "not well." Now 35% think so.

You make me sick.
What the Hell did you think was gonna happen? The Iraqis were gonna fall in love with an occupying army? "Oh thank you for blowing up our power plants and water supply! Allah be praised, now we have democracy!"

Haha. You gotta read the rest. Fucking great.

This Modern World.

Moebius Strip Foreign Policy.

Save Overtime Pay!

A survey down for the AFL-CIO claims that 74% of Americans oppose Bush's new overtime rules. Yeah, the source is biased, but I don't doubt the numbers. "Do you like overtime?" Well... Yeah. "Do you think overtime is a good idea?" Well.... Yeah. Anyone who thinks the Bush plan is a good idea is very obviously a brain-dead dittomonkey.

As always, Write Your Senators and Write ShrubCo.

Previous posts on overtime:

Bush Threatens Veto If Bill Contains Rollback Of Changes.
DoL Tells The Bosses How To Get Around The New Ruels.
Overtime On The Top Of The List As Senate Goes Back To Work.


Define "Special Interest" For Me.

Schwarzenegger is such an ass:

Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign said Thursday it would return a $2,500 check from a law enforcement union, a donation that ran counter to the actor's earlier pledge not to accept money from special interests.


Schwarzenegger said he wouldn't take money from anyone when he entered the campaign to replace Gov. Gray Davis in the Oct. 7 recall election, but later accepted checks from wealthy individuals and companies. He subsequently said he wouldn't take money from special interests, such as unions or Indian tribes with gambling casinos.


The Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS) represents more than 7,000 deputies and DA investigators (Link - PDF.)

I'm having a hard time understanding how an organization representing 7,000 people that donates a meager $2,500 dollars is a "special interest," but one person who donates the same amount (and much more,) is not.

If a Union has 10,000 members and they give $200,000, that's 20 bucks per member. If 100 of the top business leaders in a certain industry give $200,000, that's 2 grand a pop. But to Republicans, only the Union is a "special interest." Why?
I just don't get it. What kinda fucking cracked genes produces people that think like this?

Bush raises a quarter of a million dollars at a $2,000 a plate fundraiser, how are those 125 people not considered a special interest that Shrub is beholden to?

To go back to the Cal Recall, how can Schwarzenegger call it a "popular movement" when Darrell Issa pumped millions of dollars into it? Isn't the whole damn thing being fueled by one big special fucking interest? This "popular movement" wouldn't have gone anywhere if it weren't for the money Issa pumped into it.

It makes no fucking sense. I'm baffled.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Long Live Democracy!!!

Shrub is again threatening to veto a bill if it includes a rollback of the changes in the overtime rules:

The White House issued a veto threat on Wednesday against a Democratic bid to derail its proposed changes in federal work rules that foes say could cost millions of Americans overtime pay.

Sen. Tom Harkin, an Iowa Democrat, said on Tuesday he believed he had enough support to attach an amendment preventing the overtime pay changes to a $138 billion spending bill for health, education and labor programs.


Fucking Dictatorial Asshole.

He takes away the overtime of 8 million people. He actually tells businesses how to get around the new rules governing low wage employees (which I wrote about yesterday.) And now he refuses to bend to the will of public pressure.

Oh sorry, when a couple hundred thousand people campaign to get their elected officials to stop a blatant attack on worker protections, it's a "special interest." When a few dozen business leaders call the pResident on his direct line and tell him to do something, that's "public pressure." That's Democracy.

You can take your Democracy and shove it.

Write Your Senator!
Write Your Bush!

So That's Why He Takes Month Long Vacations!!!

USA Today:

Because the ranch is not government property, Bush feels no obligation to identify guests at his sanctuary, aides say. The names of people who have stayed overnight at the White House and at Camp David are made public. But guests at the ranch, which Bush owns, are not. There are almost always visitors in the ranch's two guesthouses.

The "working vacations" are so that Shrub's big campaign contributors can come in and dictate government policy in secret. It's one month outta the year set aside to sell the US government to the highest bidder. So, he's not just being a lazy, good-for-nothing scumbag after all -- no, wait, his puppeteers handle all the business, don't they?

Doomsday In 11 Years!!!

There's been some hoopla over the news that asteriod 2003 QQ47 may impact the earth in 2014. Just so you know, the media almost always fucks up the science when talking about these things. Just ask Phil Plait.

In case you've heard about this and are living in a misconception, let me make some clarifications:

Most news sources give the impact probability as 1 in 909,000, which is a long shot in itself; but the actual odds, according to NASA, are 1 in 2,222,000 or a 0.000045000% chance of impact. [Link] (Note: impact probabilities can be inacurate up to a factor of ten or more.)

This Guardian article (via Genfoods,) makes the worst mistake I've seen so far in giving the mass of the asteroid as 2,600 metric tons. In reality, according to NASA, the mass is estimated to be 2.8 billion (with a 'B') metric tons.

Another common mistake the media has been making is in the energy of the impact if it hits. They give the force of the impact as 350,000 megatons (it's actually more like 370 thousand,) and compare that to Hiroshima by saying that the blast would be "around 8m times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima." Depending on who you ask, the Hiroshima bomb was between 15 and 20 kilotons, which would make the asteroid impact between 17.5 and 25 million times larger than the first bomb dropped on Japan.

As far as I've seen, all news sources have gotten the speed right, 20 miles (33.5 km) a second, or 75,000 miles (120,000 km) an hour. And they've mostly gotten the width -- .75 mile (1.2 km,) though some have given it as two-thirds of a mile -- right (although that's really subjective since this thing is probably not very spherical at all.)

Isn't all this science stuff fun?

BushCo's "Compassion" Knows No Bounds.

From the NY Times (via Riba Rambles:)

The Bush administration is relaxing rules that say hospitals have to examine and treat people who require emergency medical care, regardless of their ability to pay.

Under the new rule, which takes effect on Nov. 10, patients might find it more difficult to obtain certain types of emergency care at some hospitals or clinics that hospitals own and operate.

The new rule makes clear that hospitals need not have specialists "on call" around the clock. Some patients might have more difficulty winning damages in court for injuries caused by violations of the federal standards.

Read the rest, if you can stomach it.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003


Another Bombing. 14 wounded.

UPDATE! - One killed.

We're So Good At This Nation Building Thing.

We should do it more often:

"Now if the Taliban go to any village, people give them shelter and food. Now the people are tired of the looters and killers," Faruqi told The Associated Press, referring to regional warlords aligned with Afghan President Hamid Karzai's government.

In most parts of Afghanistan regional powers operate with relative impunity, terrorizing residents, extorting money, dealing in drugs and running lucrative smuggling routes.

"Before people didn't believe the Taliban were around. They thought we were finished so they were afraid. But now they see that we are active and they see there is no other alternative to the looters and killers," said Faruqi, who was interviewed Monday in neighboring Pakistan.


Yup, handing the country over to the warlords again was a great idea.

Save Overtime!

Greg Palast writes about Bush's new overtime rules:

Now I should say that, according to Chao's press office, the changes will actually extend overtime benefits to 1.3 million burger flippin' managers. How does that square with the billion-dollar "benefit" to business owners? Simple: The Chao hounds at the Labor Department suggest that employers CUT WAGES so that, with the new "overtime" pay, the employees won't actually take home a dime more.


I checked. The DOL really does tell employers how to get around the new changes:

Affected employers would have four choices concerning potential payroll costs: (1) Adhering to a 40 hour work week; (2) paying statutory overtime premiums for affected workers' hours worked beyond 40 per week; (3) raising employees' salaries to levels required for exempt status by the proposed rule; or (4) converting salaried employees' basis of pay to an hourly rate (no less than the federal minimum wage) that results in virtually no (or only a minimal) changes to the total compensation paid to those workers. Employers could also change the duties of currently exempt and nonexempt workers to comply with the proposed rule.


Nothing in the FLSA would prohibit an employer affected by the proposed rule, or under the current rule, from implementing the fourth choice above that results in virtually no (or only a minimal) increase in labor costs. For example, to pay an hourly rate and time and one-half that rate for 5 hours of overtime in a 45-hour workweek and incur approximately the same total costs as the former $400 weekly salary, the regular hourly rate would compute to $8.421 ((40 hours x $8.421) + (5 hours x (1.5 x $8.421)) = $399.99).


Fucking dicks. Does anyone still have any doubt about the Bush Administration's contempt for working people?

As always, Send A Message To Your Senators and tell them to do something about this; and then Send A Message To Shrub and tell him to go fuck himself.

We Have Lift Off!

Some of you may have heard rumors about an ultra-secret blogging project in the works. Well, we have launch -- say hello to Open Source Politics. I haven't started reading yet, having just gotten outta bed, but I can say that the talent gathered together for this project is e-fucking-mmence, un-fucking-believable and a-fucking-stounding. So just go over and start reading.

And here's a sample of my first post, to get you started:

John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO, recently called Bush and Co. "the most anti-worker administration in the history of our country." That's a bold statement, and some people might think it is just hyperbole on the part of a partisan union leader, so why don't we take a look at the policies that would garner such a title....

Soon after taking office Bush signed into law a repeal of 90's era regulations designed to prevent ergonomic injuries, condemning hundreds of thousands of American workers every year to musculo-skeletal disorders. He didn't decide to replace the old rules with his own until more than a year later when he unveiled his plan for "voluntary industry guidelines." More recently, Bush's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has even revoked rules requiring employers to keep track of these injuries.


Monday, September 01, 2003

The Dirty Fucking Fag Was Asking For It!

Via Morons.org:

The lawyer for a man charged with stalking and harassing a gay man says the victim brought it on because of his behavior and clothing.

19 year old Michael Grisson is accused of following and yelling obscenities and threats at the victim, Jimmy L. Bryan, 18.

"[I] wish it wasn't illegal to kill fags out of innocent fun," Grisson is alleged to have told Bryan.

Defense attorney Louis Walrath claims Grissom may have been provoked by Bryan's 'gay' appearance.

In court documents filed by Walrath, the attorney says a person who acts gay "invites these kind of remarks."


Yeah, and when the quarterback rapes the head cheerleader after homecoming, she deserves it; because, you know, she was flirting with him at the party.

Fucking assholes.

Action Alert! Save Overtime Pay!

AFl-CIO Overtime Update

Our elected officials in Congress go back to work tomorrow and the most important thing they need to do, now that they've had their R & R, is rollback the changes Bush made to the overtime rules. So, now's a good time to E-Mail Your Senators and tell them to save our overtime pay from Bush and his cheap labor conservative agenda.

And then send a letter to Bush and tell him to stop fucking with us.

Happy Labor Day, by the way. Long live the Martyrs. Dump the bosses off your back!

The Plot Thickens.

Diane at Karmalised has mucho information about the Mosque Bombing. Go Read It.