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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Rachel Corrie Memorial In Danger.

I guess killing the woman wasn't enough for the sick fuckers:

The Labor Art and Mural Project's delegation to Palestine/Israel is facing a grave challenge: This morning, four cars of Israeli authorities - the IDF, the Civil Administration, and the police department arrived at the work camp in East Jerusalem where LaMP activists are helping to construct a peace center in memory of Rachel Corrie. The authorities issued a 'stop work' order and confiscated building materials. They also announced that the building and mural - both scheduled for completion on Thursday - would shortly be demolished.

Israeli and Palestinian activists are massing to spend the night in the building, or arranging to be at the site at 4:30 tomorrow morning in an attempt to stall or prevent the demolition. Some activists will carry out civil disobedience. Your messages of protest are crucial as well.

You can help!

Thanks again to Factivism, which you really should be reading on a daily basis.

Verizon Kills Puppies.

Not really, but it couldn't hurt their image. The Village Voice has an exellent rundown of the Verizon situation, which at the moment looks likely to be resolved soon.

Also on the Labor front, The American Prospect has an article about strange politics in the AFL-CIO. It's interesting and all, but it irks me that this kinda shit goes on, there's too much bureaucracy and politics in Unions today. They're not worker controlled anymore... Fuck's sake, the leaders are fucking Ivy League educated! I don't like that. Labor leaders should first and foremost be workers, not politicians or lawyers. I'm not saying that there isn't a place for well meaning, well educated people in the Labor movement; I just think that Unions should be democratically controlled and run. Ya know what I mean?

Enron Revisited.

Just because it's not big news anymore doesn't mean it's over.

Former employees of the energy giant are seeking $53 million that was paid to 114 executives before the bankruptcy, and in stunning news have actually gained the support of the company itself. Representatives of the workers are negotiating with Enron and its creditors to have at least part of the money be distributed directly to former employees. Kick ass.

Of course, that still leaves another billion or so dollars that the rich fucking bastards pocketed before the stock crash.

Tales From The Iraqi Resistence.

Inside the Resistence:

Ahmed begins: "Yesterday we were told about the new movement of convoys, so we used a special car to take our RPG [rocket-propelled grenades] and guns up there. We struck at sunset, in an area surrounded by farms.

"We positioned ourselves as locals, just standing around. But as the convoy came into view we picked up the weapons which we had lying on the ground. There were 19 soldiers. I could see their faces. I fired three grenades - two at a truck and one at a Humvee. Then we escaped across the fields to a car that was waiting for us. It took just a few seconds because God makes it easy for us."


I checked. At Al Meshahda, near Tarmiya, which is 60 kilometres north of Baghdad, the road is scorched and gouged. Two local farmers, brothers Muhammad and Ibrahim Al Mishadani, insist three US soldiers died when the tail-end vehicles in a convoy were hit.

But the Americans reported no deaths from Tarmiya on Tuesday.

Via LMB.

Faux News Gets Smacked Down.

Is anyone surprised?

In a scathing opinion, a Manhattan federal judge denied a request by Fox News to block sales of a book by liberal humorist Al Franken that satirizes the network's motto, "Fair and Balanced."

"There are hard cases and there are easy cases," U.S. District Judge Denny Chin told Fox's lawyers Friday. "This is an easy case in my view and wholly without merit, both factually and legally."


Frankly, I'm beginning to think that there's some link between Penguin Books and Fox, and that this was all just a well choreographed publicity stunt. It's just so incredibly fucking stupid.

Will Fox embarrass itself even more and appeal? I hope so, it'll be good for a laugh.

UPDATE! - Okay, I'm kinda dumb on all this legal shit. Mad Kane points out that this doesn't mean the case is over, the Judge has just denied Fox's request for a preliminary injunction against actually selling the book while the case is being argued. But as MK points out, given the Judges strong language in this ruling, he may be quite open to a complete dismissal of the case. And then Fox can appeal to the higher court, of course. So the battle goes on.

Conspiracy In The Philippines.

Via Factivism we learn from the Globe and Mail of accusations that the Philippine military is invovled in terrorism.

Officers involved in the July 27th mutiny have accused the Arroyo Administration and military officials of carrying out several bomb attacks that have killed 38 people, selling weapons to rebel forces and engineering the escape of terrorists held in prisons. The mutineers have also accused the government of planning to stage a new string of bombings in order to justify declaring martial law.

And the mutineers aren't the first to make accusations either:

[...] Days before the mutiny, a coalition of church groups, lawyers and NGOs launched a "fact-finding mission" to investigate persistent rumours that the state was involved in the Davao explosions. It is also investigating the possible involvement of U.S. intelligence agencies.

The rumors stem from incident involving a US citizen who wounded himself with explosives in a hotel room. While recovering in the hospital, the man -- Michael Meiring -- was whisked away and flown to the US by men who identified themselves as FBI agents.

I smell a new Oliver Stone movie in the making.

Friday, August 22, 2003

More On Moore.

Jeff Cooper of Cooped Up pointed me towards this post about Roy Moore at Freespace. I've never read the blog -- which is run by Tim Sandefur -- before, but judging from this post, it's a good one. After I read a few more posts I'll probably add it to my blogroll.

Anyway, among other things Tim says of the Alabama situation:

Moore ignores such things because he is trying to defend the (false) claim that America was founded as a Christian nation. (One might have quoted the Treaty with Tripoli, negotiated by the Washington administration and signed by John Adams, which clearly proclaimed as the law of the land that "the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.") [...]

Good one!

Tim also points out that people like Moore think Rights come from God, and others think Rights are given to us by the State. The truth is, and History backs me up on this, Rights are what the people take away from both the Church and the State. Church and State, as well as Corporations and Businesses, are authoritarian institutions and will not give up any power over the people they rule unless forced to by those people. And when Rights have already been won, the people have to struggle to keep those Rights, else they be taken away by any or all of these authoritarian institutions.

That's why being politically active is more important than who you vote for -- elected officials are still a part of an authoritarian system. And that's also why I'm an Anarchist, I'd like to someday see an end to this continuous fucking struggle against authoritarianism (I know, not in my lifetime, but one can always dream.)

Anyway, go read the post at Freespace, lots of good commentary and some really good quotes.

Well, At Least We're Not Giving Them Blankets Infected With Smallpox Anymore.

Another one from The Daily Dystopian: Native Americans are still getting a raw deal in the US. Surprise, surprise, capitalists and government officials are exploiting a poor and almost forgotten people in order to get there land and resources on the cheap.

They've Got Biological Weapons And They're Trying To Develope More!

Bomb them! They'll never give them up! They'll lie to the UN about it. We need regime change now or else....

Oh, wait, we're the ones developing those nasty things. Can't really bomb ourselves now, can we? (Although... It would make more sense, considering that our bioweapons have actually been used against us.)

But what about the hypocrisy of it? Bombing another country for doing what we're doing ourselves on a much more advanced scale. Oh, yeah, we're allowed to make bio and chemical weapons though, right? Cause it's not like we'd ever give them to the evil ones or even use them ourselves. Gosh no.

More GOP Astroturf.

Fucking hell, don't these people ever learn!

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Right-Wingers Support Terrorists.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler isn't such a nice doggie after all. It turns out that he and his fucktard dittomonkey readers are actually a pack of rabies infested jackals. Of course, they always have been, I just don't read that horse shit, but Natasha points out a post (which, out of principle, I will not link to,) where the anti-compassionate mutt takes joy in the deaths of innocent UN workers and his driveling moronite readers fall in step behind him.

Thus the difference between the Left and the Right. Lefties mourn for every life lost, even those we don't agree with. We see every Israeli deaths as a tragedy, as well as every Palestinian, American, Iraqi, Afghani, Liberian, Congolese, etc, etc. Righties only mourn when it is them or theirs who suffer, or when it fits their partisan ideology. (Granted, this is a general rule and there are many, many exceptions on both sides.)

This little incident does tell us something though. The Righties are with the terrorists -- as long as they're blowing up people that the Righties don't like. Think about it: If the terrorists were fighting a Holy War against the UN, would the dittomonkeys care? Hell no, they'd say, "good." And when pressed about the innocent people killed in the suicide bombings they'd say, "collataral damage." This bullshit proves it. Fucking disgusting bastards.

It's like Ann Coulter wishing that Timothy McVeigh had bombed the NY Times. Or when Ari Fleisher called a CIA carbombing in Lebanon that killed 80 civilians an act of defense. Or when an administration official called the Colombian paramilitaries -- who are responsible for 70% of human rights violations in the country -- a necessary evil.

Cops Against The Drug War.

Why aren't there more of them?

They were two white guys cruising through the black part of Patterson, N.J., back in the 1970s. One was an undercover police officer named Jack Cole, the other an informant known as Fast Eddy. Posing as heroin buyers, they ran into trouble with three thugs who tried to rip them off and who slashed Fast Eddy's hand with a knife before being chased off.

Luckily, Cole recalls, a Good Samaritan came out into the road. He was a young black man who was going to college to get out of the ghetto. He said he didn't approve of drugs but felt bad about the white guys getting roughed up in the neighborhood. He went into his house to get bandages for Fast Eddy and then, since Cole continued to pretend like he needed a fix, brought them to a supplier who wouldn't take advantage of them.

Back at the precinct, Cole felt he had no choice but to include the Good Samaritan's name in his report. The Good Samaritan was duly charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin, a charge that carried the same penalty as distribution: up to seven years in jail. Cole was at the station when the Good Samaritan was brought in. He looked Cole in the eye and said, "Man, I was trying to be your friend."

Read the rest. (Link via Lying Media Bastards.)

You Saw This Coming, Right?

Those of us on the Left have been pointing out since this whole California recall started that the reasons to recall Davis apply just as well to George W. Bush, so it's about fucking time somebody made a website about it.

Bush Recall

But then, why recall when we should Impeach.

Thanks to Scott for sending me the Bush Recall link.

A Good Republican.

Is there such a thing? I don't know, but this guy's cool.

Republicans Agianst Bush.


The Ten Commandments.

So, Roy Moore has refused to remove the 2-ton monument of the 10 commandments from the Alabama State Supreme Court building. (Link (via Genfoods.) UPDATE! - The other eight justices of the Alabama Supreme Court have folded and ordered the monument removed. Woo-Hoo! Reason prevails.

Since the main arguement for the presence of this religious crap in our public buildings is that it is the basis of our legal system (ya know, they can't actually come out and say that they just want to push their religion on other people,) I thought I'd give a little rundown:

1 - Thou shalt have no other god.
2 - Thou shalt make no graven images
3 - Thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain.
4 - Keep the Sabbath Day.
5 - Honor your parents.
6 - Thou shalt not kill.
7 - Thou shalt not commit adultary.
8 - Thou shalt not steal.
9 - Thou shalt not bear false witness.
10 - Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife or his goods.

Note: I had to slightly edit the list, I accidently divided 10 into two parts and left out the 'no graven images' one, which Barney points out has a bit of relevance in this situation. All commentary below is still pertinent though, so keep reading. (And speaking of graven images, why aren't they trying to stop the circulation of coin money? Anyway....)

Exactly three of those can be found in our legal system, and I think no killing, stealing or lying are common fucking sense and the human race doesn't need religion to tell us it's a bad thing to kill or lie or steal (but then, GW lied to get us into a war that killed tens of thousands of people in order to steal the natural resources of another country, so maybe I'm wrong here and we do need religion to tell us what to do. Are you catching the sarcasm? It's bleeding outta my ears at the moment.)

It is not illegal to worship other gods or to take your god's name in vain.

It is not mandatory to go to church on Sunday or on any day at all.

Children are allowed to talk back to their parents without fear of being beaten to a pulp.

Adultery is not illegal.

Lust for another man's wife or property is a thought crime and we don't have thought crimes... Yet.

It seems to me that fundies don't want to put up the ten commandments because that's where our laws come from, rather, it's where they'd like our laws to go.

AFTERTHOUGHT! - Just a quick bit of good news here. The online petition to allow the 10 Commandments in public schools and places has only 97 signatures, as opposed to the 22,480 (22,496 after I added my name,) signatures collected for the petition against the RIAA's recent decision to take legal action against P2P users and -- God Help Me -- 60,058 signatures for the petition to put "the star wars kid" in Episode III.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Run! Run For Your Lives!

The UN is getting the fuck outta Dodge. I guess they've finally realized that the war isn't over yet, even if "major military operations" (as opposed to "major combat operations") are.

Check It Out.

I was inspired by Lorelei to get myself a fotoblog thingy. It probably won't be updated very often, but what the fuck, eh? It's an easy way for me to share my newest art with everyone (I don't have to go through all the trouble of actually updating a fucking website, which I have a real problem doing.)

So, if you're interest was piqued by the pictures I posted a couple of days ago, head on over and check out my Deranged Mind At Work. The works posted are the ones I've finished in the last week, but since I rarely get so much done in such a short period, I'll probably start posting some of my older stuff, much of which can be found at the sites linked in the sidebar.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Anything For Profit.

A "Dirty List" of Coprorations who are supporting the brutal regime in Burma:

Advertising giant WPP, Ernst & Young, P&O Cruises, Deutsche Post, and Hutchison Whampoa subsidiaries Superdrug and 3 Mobile have all been added to the Burma Campaign's 'Dirty List'.

They join British American Tobacco (BAT), Suzuki, Total Oil, construction firm Kajima, Lonely Planet, Austrian Airlines, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Daewoo, and Orient Express.


The list mainly targets British companies or companies with a significant presence in Britain. A total of 78 are named and shamed. An updated 'Clean List' of companies who have pulled out or have policies not to trade with Burma is also released today. These include Premier Oil, Kuoni, M&S, Next, Levi's, Texaco and Triumph International.


A Little Humor.

Liberals love Adolf Hitler.

Heh. How dumb. It reminds me of something I've been interested in for a while....

When the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936, the "Democracies" of the West refused to give any support to the Elected Government of Spain, for fear of upsetting Hitler. Despite this, 40,000 international volunteers including 3,200 Americans -- all or most of them Leftists -- went to Spain to fight with the Republican coalition against Franco's Fascists, who were being supported by Italy and Germany.

Because the US government was a de facto supporter of the fascist forces, the American fighters -- known as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade -- were refused passports and forced to lie to get to France in order to cross the border into Spain. Upon their return to the US after the war these war heroes were harassed by the government and labeled "premature anti-fascists."

"Premature Anti-Fascists." Gotta love that one.

Terror In Indonesia.

Via Body and Soul we learn that Indonesia's brutal war in Aceh has gotten into the mainstream press with an article in the Washington Post.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Cameramen And Women Best Be Careful.

US soldiers riding on a tank shot and killed a Reuters cameraman because they thought his camera was an RPG.

Recounting the moments before the shooting, Reuters soundman Nael al-Shyoukhi, who was working with [the cameraman, Mazen] Dana, said he had asked a U.S. soldier near the prison if they could speak to an officer and was told they could not.

"They saw us and they knew about our identities and our mission," Shyoukhi said. The incident happened in the afternoon in daylight.

The soldier agreed to their request to film an overview of the prison from a bridge nearby.

"After we filmed we went into the car and prepared to go when a convoy led by a tank arrived and Mazen stepped out of the car to film. I followed him and Mazen walked three to four meters (yards). We were noted and seen clearly," Shyoukhi said.

"A soldier on the tank shot at us. I lay on the ground. I heard Mazen and I saw him scream and touching his chest.

"I cried at the soldier, telling him you killed a journalist. They shouted at me and asked me to step back and I said 'I will step back, but please help, please help and stop the bleed'.

"They tried to help him but Mazen bled heavily. Mazen took a last breath and died before my eyes."